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The best Android smartphones – October 2013

The best Android smartphones – October 2013

October is a new month and we rate the Android smartphones right from the start. All the new devices compared with the old ones. We use our famous AVC rating method to get the best Android phones. Every month the numbers change as new phones have new killer specs (better cameras, thinner design, more RAM) and some devices are getting older and older while other newer come to the market. So we need to re-rate the phones from scratch every month. Right now on our site, the specs rating pages show the rating of the phone the date it was rated. But this cannot be enough as time goes by and new phones and specs are coming to the market. So every month we are going to do the same job, re-rate all the phones comparing them to the best of the market and publish them to a post and the Best Android phones page.


Right now the best of the market are as following:

Width: The most slim device is Huawei Ascend P6 with 6.2mm
Weight: The most light device is HTC Desire C with 100g
Screen PPI: The screen with the most pixels per inch belong to HTC One
Main camera: The best camera right now is on Nokia Lumia 1020 (not an Android phone)
Front camera: The best front camera is on Huawei Ascend P6, a 5MP camera
Processor: The fastest phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with an octa core processor
RAM: The phone with the biggest RAM is Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Battery: The biggest battery can be found on Huawei Ascend Mate, it is 4050mAh
Android version: The latest Android version is 4.3
Release Date: The newer the phone is, the best for us.
Our View: We also have a personal rating that is one of the 11 ratings

So the best Android phone would be a phone with all these specs launching in the market right now. That’s how we rate our devices. So let’s see the final ranking.


Right now the best device on the Android market is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (73.7) followed by Samsung Galaxy Round (70.2) and Samsung Galaxy S4 (70.1). It’s really amazing to see three Samsung devices taking the 3 top spots. These devices are really powerful with quad or octa core processors and 3GB of RAM. There are not a lot of devices with 3GB of RAM so that’s a new spec best.

The device in the fourth place is Huawei Ascend P6 (68.6), a device that set new standards in the width with 6.2mm. It’s difficult to find a device that slim on the market. Only Sony Xperia Z Ultra can compete with 6.5mm.

The fifth place is for Sony Xperia Z1 (66.8). Sony has launched a lot of great devices recently but Sony Xperia Z1 is the best right now. LG comes sixth with LG G2 (66.1) being a great choice. LG G2 is followed by 2 Sony devices, Sony Xperia Z (61.1) and Sony Xperia Z Ultra (60.1) and then we can find HTC One (59.4). The top10 is closed by ZTE Grand Memo (59.2), a great device by the low budget Chinese super power.

CompanyModelRating Oct. 13"PPICAMCPURAMmAhWgAVDatePGBuy now
SamsungGalaxy Note 373.75.7386138 * 1.9300032008.31684.313-095Best price
SamsungGalaxy Round70.25.7386134 * 2.3300028007.91544.313-095Best price
SamsungGalaxy S470.15.0441138 * 1.6200026007.91304.213-045Best price
HuaweiAscend P668.64.731284 * 1.2200020006.21204.213-064Best price
LGG267.65.2424134 * 2.3200030008.91434.213-095Best price
GoogleNexus 567.35.044584 * 2.3200023008.61304.413-114Best price
SonyXperia Z166.85.044120.74 * 2.2200030008.51694.213-095Best price
Sony Xperia Z61.15.0441134 * 1.5200023307.91464.113-025Best price
LGG Flex60.96.0245134 * 2.3200035008.71774.213-115Best price
SonyXperia Z Ultra60.16.434484 * 2.2200030506.52124.213-075Best price
HTCOne59.44.746944 * 1.7200023009.31434.113-035Best price
ZTEGrand Memo59.25.7257134 * 1.7200032008.51204.113-033Best price
SonyXperia ZL58.95.0441134 * 1.5200023709.81514.113-035Best price
SamsungGalaxy S4 mini58.54.325682 * 1.7200019008.91074.213-055Best price
LGOptimus G Pro57.85.5401134* 1.7200031409.41724.113-045Best price
HuaweiHuawei Ascend D257.05.0443134 * 1.5200030009.41704.113-035Best price
MotorolaMoto X56.44.7312102 * 1.72000220010.41304.213-084Best price
LGNexus 455.24.731884 * 1.5200021009.11394.212-115Best price
HTCOne Max55.15.937344 * 1.72000330010.32174.313-105Best price
LGOptimus G53.14.7318134 * 1.5200021008.41474.012-115Best price
HTCOne mini52.04.334142 * 1.4100018009.31224.213-084Best price
SamsungMega51.96.323382 * 1.7150032008.01994.213-065Best price
HTCDesire 50051.14.321784 * 1.2100018009.91234.213-093Best price
SamsungGalaxy Note II50.75.526784 * 1.6200031009.41834.112-095Best price
HuaweiAscend Mate50.46.124184 * 1.5200040509.91984.113-054Best price
SamsungGalaxy S II Plus49.14.321782 * 1.2100016508.51214.113-023Best price
HuaweiHonor 248.94.532684 * 1.42000223010.51454.012-113Best price
LGOptimus F548.54.325652 * 1.2100021509.31314.113-054Best price
SamsungGalaxy S348.44.830684 * 1.4100021008.61334.012-055Best price
ZTESupreme47.85.0294132 * 1.510002500101534.113-083Best price
SonyXperia SP46.64.631982 * 1.710002370101554.113-044Best price
LG Optimus 4X HD46.34.731284 * 1.5100021508.91334.012-063Best price
HTCOne X46.34.731284 * 1.5100018008.91304.012-054Best price
SonyXperia M45.84.024552 * 1.0100017509.31154.113-082Best price
HuaweiAscend P145.44.325682 * 1.5100016707.71104.012-053Best price
LGOptimus Vu45.35.025684 * 1.5100021008.51684.012-115Best price
SamsungGalaxy S245.24.321782 * 1.2100016508.51162.311-043Best price
SonyXperia L45.04.322882 * 1.0100017509.71374.113-053Best price
LGL7 II44.94.321782 * 1.076824609.71184.113-033Best price
SonyXperia T44.64.5323132 * 1.5100018509.41394.012-094Best price
HTCOne S44.24.325682 * 1.7100016507.81194.012-043Best price
HTCOne Sv44.14.321752 * 1.2100018009.21224.013-014Best price
ZTEBlade V43.94.023354 * 1.21000180010.91304.113-092Best price
SamsungGalaxy Grand43.35.016282 * 1.2100021009.61624.113-013Best price
LGL5 II42.54.023351 * 1.051217009.21034.113-032Best price
SamsungGalaxy S3 Mini42.44.023352 * 1.0100015009.91114.112-113Best price
LGOptimus L942.14.723452* 1.0100017009.11254.012-113Best price
ZTEBlade G42.04.521752 * 1.251220009.21404.113-062Best price
HTCDesire X40.24.023352 * 1.076816509.31144.012-103Best price
HuaweiAscend G51039.64.521852 * 1.251217009.91504.113-042Best price
SamsungGalaxy Star Pro39.44.023321 * 1.0512150010.61214.113-101Best price
SamsungGalaxy Nexus39.04.731652 * 1.2100017508.91354.011-103Best price
LGOptimus HD38.94.532682 * 1.51000183010.41352.312-053Best price
SonyXperia J38.14.024551 * 1.051217509.21244.012-102Best price
HuaweiAscend Y30037.94.023352 * 1.0512173011.21304.113-032Best price
SonyXperia S37.74.3342122 * 1.51000175010.61442.312-023Best price
LGOptimus L737.44.321751 * 1.051217008.71224.012-052Best price
SamsungGalaxy Xcover 237.24.023352 * 1.210001700121484.113-033Best price
LGL2ii36.63.212531 * 1.05121540121104.113-101Best price
ZTEBlade 336.34.023351 * 1.0512160010.01304.012-091Best price
HTCOne V36.23.725251 * 1.051215009.21154.012-042Best price
SonyXperia E36.23.516531 * 1.05121530111154.113-031Best price
SonyXperia P36.04.027582 * 1.01000130510.51202.312-053Best price
SamsungGalaxy Note35.75.328582 * 1.4100025009.71782.311-104Best price
SamsungGalaxy S Duos35.74.023351 * 1.0768150010.51204.012-092Best price
SonyXperia Miro35.33.516551 * 0.851215009.91104.012-092Best price
SonyXperia Sole34.33.726552 * 1.051213209.91072.312-052Best price
SamsungGalaxy Ace 233.63.824652 * 0.8768150010.51222.312-052Best price
SonyXperia U32.73.528052 * 1.05121320121102.312-052Best price
SonyXperia Go32.53.516552 * 1.051213059.81102.312-072Best price
LG Prada* 1.0100015408.51382.311-013Best price
LGOptimus L532.04.014451 * 0.851215009.51254.012-062Best price
HTCDesire C30.33.516551 * 0.6512123012.31004.012-062Best price
HuaweiU8860 Honor30.14.024581 * 1.4512193011.01402.311-122Best price

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