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The best Android dual sim smartphones (comparing 16 devices)

The best Android dual sim smartphones (comparing 16 devices)

There are a lot of quality dual SIM smartphones and we want to help you choose the best for you. Some years ago, dual sim phones were some crappy phones that were able only to handle your two sim cards. Now dual sim phones can do a lot of stuff, some of them belong to the best Android smartphones ever built, others are smaller but all of them support Android. We can find some phones that have optionally the dual sim capability. That means that you have to ask the shop you are buying the device if the specific device is dual sim or not. We compare 16 smartphones with Android and dual sim function, these phones are different in size and of course their price is different too. So read and decide!


HTC One is a premium dual sim device.

HTC One is a premium dual sim device.

There are different phones with different screens. The biggest dual sim phone is Samsung Mega with the huge 6.3 inches screen. You can also find one 5.7 inches phone (Acer Liquid S1), one 5.3 inches (Samsung Galaxy Grand 2) two 5.0 inches (Samsung Galaxy Grand, HTC Desire 700), three 4.7 inches (HTC One, Huawei Ascend P6 and Samsung Galaxy Win), three 4.5 inches screens (Acer Liquid E2, HTC Desire 600 and Huawei Ascend G510), two 4.3 inches (LG L7ii and Samsung Galaxy Core) and three 4 inches phones, the famous Samsung Galaxy S Duos, the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 and Sony Xperia E1.

The quality of the screens is different too. You can find premium screens like the 469PPI screen of HTC One and moderate screens like the 162PPI Samsung Galaxy Grand screen. The screen of Huawei Ascend P6 is also good (312PPI) and we also like the screens of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (280PPI), Acer Liquid E2, HTC Desire 600, Samsung Mega and Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 and Sony Xperia E1. So if you want the best small screen, try Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. If you want the best big screen try Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. If you want the best screen on a dual sim phone, that is HTC One.


Although there are a lot of phones with different screens, on the camera section, there are not a lot of options. We can find three categories of cameras, the phones with 8MP cameras, these with 5MP cameras and HTC One with the special 4MP camera. So if you want a dual sim camera phone try this special HTC technology that let’s more light on the night photos and the final result is good or try one of the 8MP camera phones like Huawei Ascend P6, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, HTC Desire 700, Acer Liquid S1, Samsung Mega or Samsung Galaxy Grand. The Samsung cameras are always good and give you a lot of special apps. The worst camera is on Sony Xperia E1 (3.1MP – so old)


We can find a lot of quad core dual sim smartphones, some dual core processors and only one single core phone, Samsung Galaxy S Duos. Although Samsung Galaxy S Duos is a famous dual sim phone, the processing power is very limited as well as the power of Huawei Ascend G510 and Sony Xperia E1 which has a dual core processor but only 512MB of RAM (but cheap price). So choose one of the fastest devices, HTC One, Huawei Ascend P6 or Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, HTC Desire 700 with quad core processors and 2GB of RAM (Samsung Galaxy Grand has 1.5GB of RAM). You can also find fast devices like, Acer Liquid S1, Acer Liquid E2, Samsung Galaxy Win, HTC Desire 700 and HTC Desire 600 with quad core processors and 1GB of RAM. You need power as there are more and more heavy apps and HD videos to watch.


Samsung Mega has the biggest battery.

Samsung Mega has the biggest battery.

If you have a dual sim smartphone, that means that you talk a lot to the phone as you have two sims waiting for calls and SMS. So you need bigger battery or the ability to change the battery and have a second battery with you. The biggest battery is found on Samsung Mega (3200mAh), a big device with a huge screen and plenty of space for a big battery. You can also find a great battery on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (2600mAh) LG L7ii (2460mAh), Acer Liquid S1 (2400mAh) and HTC One (2300mAh). The worst battery is found on Samsung Galaxy S Duos and Duos 2 (1500mAh) and Huawei Ascend G510 (1700mAh) and then Sony Xperia E1 (1750mAh). These are cheaper phones of course but unfortunately their battery they will not make out the day.


We like newer versions of Android preinstalled in our devices so here we are looking for the 4.4 or 4.3 Android version. Just Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and Sony Xperia E1 have the 4.3 Android version and there is not dual sim phone with 4.4. Of course some of the devices will be updated to the last version but we always select devices with the latest Android version right from the start. So choose between Samsung Mega, Acer Liquid S1, Huawei Ascend P6, Acer Liquid E2, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 with Android 4.2. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the latest dual sim Android phone released in November 2013 while Acer Liquid S1 was released in August 2013 and Samsung Mega and Huawei Ascend P6 were launched in June and that’s why they have the latest Android version.


LG L7ii is the lightest phone with the biggest battery.

LG L7ii is the lightest phone with the biggest battery.

As we have different devices with different screens, the size of the body is different. Of course the smaller devices are not always the slimmest. That’s why Huawei Ascend P6 is the slimmest device on the market right now (6.2mm) and one of the most beautiful phones of the market. Samsung Mega comes second with 8mm (difference of 1.8mm) and then we have Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 with 8.9mm. The most “fat” phone is Sony Xperia E1 (12mm) and then Samsung Galaxy S Duos and Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 with 10.5mm and then HTC Desire 700 with 10.3mm.

The most light phones are LG L7ii and Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (118g) and Huawei Ascend P6 and Samsung Galaxy S Duos are also light (120). The second is due to the small screen, the P6 due to the great work Huawei did on this device. The heaviest phone is Samsung Mega but this is normal because it has a huge 6.3 inches screen and a big battery. Acer Liquid S1 is also heavy (195g) although it doesn’t have a such big screen. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 weights 163g and Huawei Ascend G510 150g although the screen size is small (4.5 inches). Only one advice, get the devices on your hands to check the design and if the phone fits on your hand and in your pockets.

VERDICT: What device to buy

It’s very difficult to compare so different devices. You can find bigger or smaller dual sim devices, with great specs or lower ones, with great cameras. Now you must think what you really need.

If you want a premium smartphone with dual sim capabilities, you can choose HTC One (the best dual sim smartphone with 74.5 rating) or Huawei Ascend P6 (a brand new power device).

If you want a big phablet with dual sim, then your choice is Samsung Mega with the huge 6.3 inches screen and the 3200mAh battery or Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 with 5.3 inches device..

If you want a great smartphone, there are a lot of choices starting from Samsung Galaxy Grand (big screen) and LG L7ii (great battery), HTC Desire 600 or 700 (brand new) or Acer Liquid E2 (great screen and camera).

Of course if you want a low budget device, you can choose Sony Xperia E1 but it’s much better to give some more to get Acer Liquid E2 which is much better with a low price too.

CompanyModelRating Jan.14"PPICAMCPURAMmAhWgAVDate PGBuy now
HuaweiAscend P666.34.731284 * 1.2200020006.21204.213-064Best price
HTCOne57.44.746944 * 1.7200023009.31434.113-035Best price
SamsungGalaxy Grand 254.65.328084 * 1.2150026008.91634.313-113Best price
SamsungMega49.76.323382 * 1.7150032008.01994.213-065Best price
HTCDesire 70048.15.022084 * 1.21000210010.31494.313-114Best price
AcerLiquid E247.14.524584 * 1.2100020009.91404.213-052Best price
HTCDesire 60045.04.524584 * 1.2100018609.31304.113-063Best price
SamsungGalaxy S Duos 243.44.023352 * 1.2768150010.51184.213-122Best price
LGL7 II42.84.321782 * 1.076824609.71184.113-033Best price
SamsungGalaxy Core42.44.321752 * 1.2100018009.01244.113-062Best price
AcerLiquid S142.15.725884 * 1.5100024009.61954.213-083Best price
SamsungGalaxy Grand41.35.016282 * 1.2100021009.61624.113-013Best price
SamsungGalaxy Win41.14.719954 * 1.2100020009.71434.113-054Best price
SonyXperia E140.84.02333.12 * 1.25121750121224.314-012Sony Xperia E1
HuaweiAscend G51037.64.521852 * 1.251217009.91504.113-041Best price
SamsungGalaxy S Duos33.94.023351 * 1.0768150010.51204.012-092Best price

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