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The best Android tablets 2014 comparison chart

Best Android tablets
There are a lot of Android tablets out on the market, starting from very cheap prices.

Big companies like Dell, Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus and even Google have launched their own devices.

The best tablets are fast with quad core processors, they have great screens and great cameras. They are full of add-ons and apps that will make your life easier.

We love Android tablets and we rate them looking at the specs and the dat they were launched.

That’s why it’s very important to come back every month to check the top tablets of the market.

You can sort the table by pressing on the header of each category. So you can sort the table by screen quality (PPI), camera, CPU or overall rating.

After the table you can see what the symbols are for. In the right column you can see the best device for each category.

If you press on the tablet name, you can see all the posts about that tablet (review, comparisons etc).


Right now the best of the market are as following:

  • Screen PPI: The screen with the most pixels per inch belong to Nexus 7 (323PPI)
  • Main camera: The best camera right now is on Sony Xperia Tablet Z (8.1MP)
  • Front camera: The best front camera is on Sony Xperia Tablet Z, a 2.2MP camera
  • Processor: The fastest tablet is LG G Pad with a quad core processor at 1.7GHz
  • RAM: The tablet with the biggest RAM is LG G Pad (2GB)
  • Battery: The biggest battery can be found on Google Nexus 10, it is 9000mAh
  • Width: The most slim device is Sony Xperia Tablet Z with 6.9mm
  • Weight: The most light device is Dell Venue 7 with 234g
  • Android 4.3: Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite have the latest Android version (but not Android 4.4)
Last Rated:03/20/14
SamsungGalaxy Tab Pro 8.488.48.43598.02.04 * 2.3200048007.23314.414-02Best price
SonyXperia Z2 Tablet87.710.12248.12.04 * 2.3300060006.44394.414-04Best price
LGG Pad79.88.32735.01.34 * 1.7200046008.33384.213-10Best price
GoogleNexus 7 new79.47.03235.01.24 * 1.5200039508.72904.313-07Best price
SonyXperia Tablet Z78.910.12248.12.24 * 1.5200060006.94954.113-05Best price
DellVenue 873.98.01895.02.02 * 2.0200041009.83504.213-10Best price
SamsungGalaxy Note 871.28.01895.01.34 * 1.6200046008.03384.113-02Best price
LenovoYoga 870.081895.01.94 * 1.2100060007.34014.212-10Best price
DellVenue 766.67.02163.20.32 * 1.6200041009.62344.213-10Best price
GoogleNexus 1066.010.12295.01.92 * 1.7200090008.96034.212-11Best price
LenovoYoga 1064.0101495.01.94 * 1.2100090008.16054.212-10Best price
SamsungGalaxy Note 1060.110.11495.01.94 * 1.4200070008.96004.012-08Best price
SamsungGalaxy Tab 3 7"57.37.01703.21.32 * 1.2100040009.93064.113-06Best price
SonyXperia Tablet S55.49.41618.01.04 * 1.3100060008.85704.012-09Best price
AsusTransformer TF70055.210.12248.02.04 * 1.610008.55984.012-07Best price
SamsungGalaxy Tab 3 Lite50.07.01702.0-2 * 1.2100036009.73504.314-02Best price
GoogleNexus 747.67.02161.2-4 * 1.21000432510.53404.112-07Best price
SamsungGalaxy Tab 2 7"44.37.01703.10.32 * 1.01000400010.53454.112-04Best price
KoboArc42.57.0215-1.32 * 1.5100011.53644.012-11Best price
SamsungGalaxy Tab 2 10"38.510.11493.20.32 * 1.0100070009.75884.012-05Best price

What the symbols and numbers are on the table:

    • Rating: We rate the phones following the AVC rating method we invented. The analytic rating can be found inside the reviews and rating posts of every device.
    • Screen (inches): Size of the screen in inches
    • PPI: Pixels per inch, the number of pixels in the screen
  • Camera: Megapixels of the back main camera of the tablet
  • 2nd camera: Megapixels of the second front camera
  • CPU (Core * GHZ)Number of cores and GHz of each core. For example 4 * 1.4 is a quad core processor at 1.4GHz
  • RAM: RAM memory in MB (1000MB = 1GB)
  • Battery: Size of the battery in mAh
  • Width: The width of the phone in mm
  • Weight: The weight of the phone in g
  • OS: Version of Android installed when the device is first released. Updates are not taken into account.
  • Released Date: Date of phone being released in the market, year-month. Example 2013-02 is February 2013

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