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Quickly uninstall apps tip

Quickly uninstall apps tip

On new Android phones there is a new fast way to uninstall apps from your device. You don’t need to go on the menu any more. It’s much more easy.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Android device used: Sony Xperia Z
Android version: Android 4.1


1. Go to the application window where all the apps are located. you have direct access to this windows from your first screen in all phones.

2. Press the 3 vertical dots on the right up of the screen to see the options you have.

3. Choose uninstall so as to see the apps that can be uninstalled from your phone.

4. Now you can see the apps that can be uninstalled with an X on their right corner. If you press that X, the app will be deleted from the phone (unintalled).

5. When you finish, press the back button.

There is another way to do the same stuff.

1. Go to Settings and find Apps

2. Find the apps you want to uninstall from the downloaded apps.

3. Choose the app and press uninstall.

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