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Hide and lock pictures, videos or albums only and not the whole device

Hide and lock pictures, videos or albums only and not the whole device

Let’s say you have some photos on your phone you don’t want to be seen by your wife or your kids. We may all have some of them, right?

You can hide your photos with a smart way, but they are not locked. So you need an app to hide and lock these photos from your gallery and make available only to you.

Here we are going to hide some pictures, videos or some albums using a free app.


1. Find on Google Play Gallery Vault app (official link)

2. Open the app and read the welcome advice pressing Next.

3. Choose your Pin (password). Your pin must be at least 4 numbers long and maximum 16 digits.

4. When you have submitted the pin to the second form too, press done and then Continue.

5. Fill your email. It’s necessary to authenticate your account. You will receive an email with a code.

6. Here it’s a crucial step. If you enable the option to hide the Gallery Vault icon, you will never see an icon from this app on your phone.

You have to access the app from the dial menu.

In the Hide Icon mode, you have to dial the ##Passcode to enter the Gallery Vault app and see your hidden pictures. If you don’t want that feature and you find it too complicated, just enable it later from the app menu or never.

7. Recommend the app to get more hidden files or press Not now to go to the menu.

8. Now you can start adding pictures, videos and albums on the vault.

9. Press the blue Add button on the bottom of your screen.

10. You can add a picture, a video or directly capture a picture and a video form the app that will never appear on the main gallery app.

11. When you select Add a picture you can browse the Gallery App and select the photos you want to add to the Vault. When these photos are added to the Vault they disappear from the Galley App.

12. You can create a folder or add the photos to the general My Pictures folder where you can keep all your secret photos.

Congrats! Now your pics are hidden and only you can have access to them!

Now if you want the photos to appear in the gallery again, press on the photo and select the unlock icon. The file will be unhiden.

If you try more than 5 times to enter a wrong password, you will be locked out for a minute.

If you uninstall the app, all the photos on the Vault will be gone forever, they will not appear on your gallery. So make sure you move them on the gallery before uninstalling the app.

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