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Join Android VIP Club

We’re pleased that you’re interested in our Android VIP Club. If you want to join our private exclusive member club please read the following and contact us.


  • Special Android VIP club card with unique membership number
  • Special shirt with the logo of our exclusive club and the unique number
  • Exclusive support from our members to any problem or upgrade οn any device – special pages are created to help you solve any problem
  • Exclusive personal help το buy any device from our market experts (including tips, special offers, mobile exchange, offer search for you)
  • A dedicated page to present yourself as well as the services you represent (apps, devices, other services)
  • Exclusive news and reports in our daily report page available only to members
  • Special mentions to our members on any review (you can review the device and send us your opinion to be published)


To qualify for membership you need to own at least one Android device during the last 5 years.


It doesn’t matter where you are. Android VIP Club is a global organization representing the best of an international Android culture.


If you want to be an exclusive member on our private Android VIP Club you need to pay a one time fee of 600$.


After paying the fee you can contact the Club.

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