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16 Android smartphones that are better than iPhone 6

16 Android smartphones that are better than iPhone 6

iPhone 6 was recently launched and now it’s time to decide if it’s a smart choice to buy or not. We are an Android oriented Club but we love technology and gadgets. We have a special algorithm to rank the devices according to their tech specs. We cannot count the usability or the personal taste, but we can count the screen, the processor, the battery and many more tech specs. And then we get a final number. This number makes the final ranking of the best Android devices.

We run our test on the new iPhone 6 and the final points of the device are 56. So we now look at the best Android smartphones and the new iPhone 6 ranks in the 17th position. So there are 16 Android smartphones that are better than the new iPhone 6. All of them have smaller prices so this is another reason to choose them. Let’s compare iPhone 6 to 16 Android smartphones with a big variety of specs.


The new iPhone 6 has a bigger screen of 4.7 inches but in the Android market big screens are already a success and we have a big variety og big screens with great PPI. iPhone 6 has only 326PPI when the best screen nowadays has 534 pixels per inch (LG G3) in a huge 5.5 inches screen. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 5.1 inches screen with 432PPI, HTC One M8 has a 5 inches screen with 441PPI so if you want a large screen you have a lot of Android choices:

  • LG G3 – 5.5 inches – 534PPI
  • Google Nexus 5 – 5.0 inches – 445PPI
  • Huawei Ascend P7 – 5.0 inches – 441PPI
  • Sony Xperia Z1s – 5.0 inches – 441PPI
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – 5.0 inches – 441PPI


The camera of the new iPhone 6 is better than the old one but too old for the Android market. An 8MP camera is not a premium camera for the Android market where the best phones have 20.7MP cameras. Apple has some HDR panorama options and HDR photos options that are already included in most Android devices. The front face camera of iPhone 6 is 1.2 MP when in the Android market there are devices with 8MP front cameras like Huawei Ascend P7. Phones like LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Huawei Ascend P7 have overall better cameras. You can also find great software in almost all devices with Samsung and Sony offering the best photo tools to play with your photos and videos. So if you want a great camera phone, you can choose one of the following devices:

  • Sony Xperia Z1s – 20.7MP
  • Sony Xperia Z2 – 20.7MP
  • Sony Xperia Z1 – 20.7MP
  • Sony Xperia Z1 Compact – 20.7MP
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – 16MP
  • LG G3 – 13MP
  • Huawei Ascend P7 – 13MP
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – 13MP


Apple says the new iPhone 6 is faster than the previous model but not as fast as the quad core Android monsters. All the 16 devices have quad core processors and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and S4 have an octa core processor. They also have much more RAM. The premium Android smartphones have 3GB of RAM instead of just only 1GB of iPhone 6. If you want a really fast smartphone, try one of these Android devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – octa core 1.9GHz – 3GB RAM
  • LG G3 – quad 2.5GHz – 3GB RAM
  • Sony Xperia Z2 – quad 2.3GHz – 3GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy Round – quad 2.3GHz – 3GB RAM
  • LG G Pro 2 – quad 2.3GHz – 3GB RAM


What Apple offers that Android smartphones can’t? Nothing. Security features are found in Android devices, a lot of apps for health are preinstalled in all Samsung premium devices and you can organise your life with the features and the pen of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. So you have everything in a premium Android device. Moreover you can customize your device, add one of the hundreds of ROMS and add apps and features to make it unique. iOS 8 is simpler but now it looks much more like Android so you want a copy of Android or the real one?


Apple made a lot of noise about the new extra light and extra thin iPhone 6. That’s because the previous versions of iPhone were fat enough and now there is a model that looks like the average Android premium device. Of course iPhone 6 is slim but not the slimmest device as Huawei Ascend P6 is 6.2mm and Huawei Ascend P7 is 6.5mm when iPhone 6 is 6.9mm. iPhone 6 is also lighter than the previous models but still not as light as Android devices like P6 and P6 with 120g and 124g. P7 is slimmer and lighter than iPhone 6 even if it has a bigger screen (5 inches over 4.7 inches) and a much better camera (13MP to 8MP).


iPhone 6 is definitely the best iPhone ever made but is this enough to be a good choice? No. There are 16 devices that have overall better ranking than iPhone 6. So you have plenty of choices in different devices from different companies in different prices, screens, cameras to choose from. Of course if you want to stick to iOS because it fits you, it’s ok but remember that Android gives you many more choices to bring the device to your own choice. Below you can find the final ranking of the Android devices compared to iPhone 6.

CompanyModelRated: Sept 2014"PPICAMCPURAMmAhWgAVDatePGBuy now
HuaweiAscend P775.25.044113.04 * 1.8200025006.51244.414-064Best price
LGG371.05.553413.04 * 2.5300030008.91494.414-065Best price
SonyXperia Z269.35.242420.74 * 2.3300032008.21634.414-045Best price
SamsungGalaxy Note 365.95.738613.08 * 1.9300032008.31684.313-095Best price
SamsungGalaxy S565.75.143216.04 * 2.5200028008.11454.414-045Best price
LGG Pro 265.75.937313.04 * 2.3300032008.31724.414-045Best price
HTCOne M864.25.04414.04 * 2.3200026009.41604.414-035Best price
SonyXperia Z1s63.05.044120.74 * 2.2200030008.61624.314-015Best price
SamsungGalaxy S462.45.044113.08 * 1.6200026007.91304.213-045Best price
SamsungGalaxy Round62.45.738613.04 * 2.3300028007.91544.313-095Best price
GoogleNexus 561.55.04458.04 * 2.3200023008.61304.413-114Best price
SonyXperia Z1 Compact60.74.334220.74 * 2.2200023008.81374.314-015Best price
LGG260.25.242413.04 * 2.3200030008.91434.213-095Best price
HuaweiAscend P659.24.73128.04 * 1.2200020006.21204.213-064Best price
SonyXperia Z159.15.044120.74 * 2.2200030008.51694.213-095Best price
HTCDesire 81658.35.526713.04 * 1.6150026007.91654.414-033Best price
AppleiPhone 656.04.73268.02 * 1.2100015606.9129iOS814-095Best price

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