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Install an app or game without visiting Google Play

Install an app or game without visiting Google Play

If your phone has not access to Google Play or if you want to test an app before paying for it, you can download the app from the net and install it in your phone.

Difficulty: Medium
Android device used: Google Nexus 4
Android version: Android 4.2
Android App Used: OI File Manager (free)


1. Download the app (in apk format) and put it on a folder on your computer

2. On your phone go to Settings – Security and check Uknown sources (this allows your phone to install apps that are not inside Google Play).

3. Connect your phone to your PC

4. Access from your computer the SD card and create a folder called apps, or use the existing folder called Downloads.

5. Drag n drop the apk file from your PC to SD card Download (or apps) folder.

6. Disconnect your phone from PC

7. Open a File Manager app like OI File Manager or your phone’s File Manager.

8. Find the app inside the SD card – it’s inside the Donwload folder (or the folder you created).

9. Tap on the apk, it starts installing the app. After finished, the app is now installed on your phone.

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