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Free GPS offline navigation app with free maps for multiple countries

Free GPS offline navigation app with free maps for multiple countries

Android devices can work as GPS tools but they need internet connection to give you access to the maps and the navigation voice. That’s the case for Google Maps. But who need Google Maps when there is Mapedy Offline Maps for Android, a group of applications offering GPS navigation with offline maps for many countries?

I love this app because I can turn any GPS device into a GPS navigator with offline maps. All you have to do is to donwload the app for free from Google Play, download the maps once, and then you can use the navigation system even when the device is offline.

This is a great app for places where there is no 3G signal or if you don’t have a big data program and you don’t want to waste your data on GPS data. “Map of” is created by Android Top Apps and it is the app you were looking for.


Start by downloading the free app from Google Play. Search for Map of Greece if you are Greek or Map of France of you French and Map of the US of you are American. There are more than 30 different maps and you can find them all here. Select your country and download the app.


First you need to donwload the maps you will need on your device. And also the navigation voice on your language. This will happen once and then you can turn off the data or Wi-Fi and start navigating without internet. If there is a newer version of the maps on your country, the app will inform you. After installing the app, you can see a small tutorial of how to use it. It’s very easy to navigate with this app, after one or two navigations, it will be easier to find where the settings are.

After downloading the maps, you are ready to go. Turn the internet off, open the GPS and go to the maps to check your position. The maps are beautiful and you can see a lot of details.

Press the options button to “define the view”, select if you want to see Points of Interest, Favorites and Transportation Stops on the map.

In the Settings you can make some selections (General Settings). For example I switched off the clicking sounds and changed the units of measure. There is an option to select English names if you are a tourist in Greece and you cannot understand Greek.

You can also select if you want the fastest route, if the map will auto center and auto zoom and if you will see alarms beyond the speed limits. There are plenty of choices, this is a pro app.

Go back to the main options menu and select Directions. You can select car, bicycle or by foot and set the options for each one of them.

Select the destination on Search (from the main menu), select country, region, city, street and building or intersection.

You can also search for points of interest like fuel stations, bakeries, parkings etc.


➡ The app is free and we always wanted a free navigation app with offline navigation options

➡ The maps are easy to read and beautiful

➡ When you open another app while driving the navigation app remains on the background

➡ The quick access button to the settings on the right upper side of the screen is very helpful

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