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Cymera is one of the best photo editing apps (how I edit my photos)

Cymera is one of the best photo editing apps (how I edit my photos)

There are a lot of photo editing apps on Android but most of them let you apply some filters and some basic edits on your photos. We tested a bunch of them Cymera, Pixlr Express, Snapseed, Photoshop Lite and Cymera is the best. It’s not a full photo editing app like Photoshop on your PC but it gives you a lot of options to play with and make your photos look better. It also has a great super auto mode to correct your photos without any effort.

You can download the app for free from Google Play and start playing with your photos.

Open the app and you can see the photos on your device. Choose one to start playing.

Cymera works as a photo album too so by clicking an image you can see it, favourite it (from the star on right top), share it, delete it, create a collage or edit it. Press the rubber button to start editing.

On the top of the screen you can see the options to edit a photo.

Edit: You can create a beautiful collage, rotate, crop or press the straighten tool that will let you rotate the photo and make it look better. I use this tool a lot to make my pictures look more artistic.

Correct: There are a lot of options, if you know what you are looking for. There is auto level, brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpen. If you don’t want to mess with these options, just press AUTO on the bottom and select the type of the photo. Your photo will look much better.

Effect: Try a filter (there are basic and art filters to play with – my favourite is Sunset), change the light (Color, Shape, Theme – I like the rain effect in some photos or the flare in others and also cotton), choose a border (my favourite is Calli), or Blur the photo to look artistic (move the circle on the section of the photo not to be blurred).

Beauty: Well there are some funny options to let you add some makeup or add hair, concealer, some women may play with them but not me. What I really like is Slim which let’s you make your hips smaller and make you look slimmer with a natural way. I already changed some photos and also made some stars look fatter. That’s funny.

Decorate: If you want to add some stickers or some text, this is where you should go. Most of them are childish but the text options are good. You have a lot of style options but who puts text on his photos? Except from memes…

After finishing the editing you can save the photo and share it.

One of the best things you can do with this app is collage. Try different shapes and combine photos. What i do is to edit some photos with the same style, then add them to a beautiful collage. The final result is great because the photo is big enough to be printed and shared.

I like Cymera because it’s free, fun and simple to use. I also like some options like Collage, Slim edit and some of the filters.

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