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Check the size of a folder on your SD card

Check the size of a folder on your SD card

If your SD card is almost full, you must see what files are inside and what their size is. Then you will delete these files or folders. In this how to we are going to see how to check the size of a folder on our SD card.

Difficulty: Easy
Android device Used: Samsung Galaxy S3
Android: 4.0
App used: OI File Manager


1. Download the OI File Manager (even if your phone has a File manager, it won’t help you).

2. Open the OI File Manager, find the file you want and then you can see the size of the file.

3. If you want to see the size of a folder, hold the file until a pop up menu opens.

4. Then go to Details and you can see all the details of the folder.

The following video will help you:

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