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Best 5+1 Twitter client apps 2013 for Android

Twitter Client Apps

Tired of Twitter app for Android? There are some clients that will do the job better than Twitter itself.

Twitter official app for Android (official link) is not bad at all as it is fast and supports multiple accounts on Twitter. You can tweet, retweet, reply, see the profiles and search for the latest trends. You can download it for free or try one of the clients from the following list.

1. HootSuite (free): After downloading it you must create a Hootsuite account using your email. From settings you can add more accounts, you can add multiple Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn accounts to manage them from the same place. Then you create tabs and streams and you can combine different streams from different accounts on the same tab. It’s a great tool to use not only for Twitter but for all your social accounts. In new tweets you can add a photo, schedule your tweet with a useful calendar and add a link. You can also see stats about your tweets as the number of people that clicked on your links. The only limitations are on the number of accounts you can add but there is a Pro version for that.

2. TweetCaster for Twitter (free): This is a beautiful app that will let you do lists, tweet, retweet and do all the stuff you can do with other apps. I like the blinking numbers that inform you about the unseen tweets. What I like most is the filters. You can set some filters and see only some tweets. So you put the Images Filter and you can only see the photos your contacts are uploading to their accounts. You can do the same with videos. You can also search your account and the whole Twitter and add multiple accounts.

3. Seesmic (free): After downloading you can start adding your accounts, Twitter or Facebook. Then you authorize the account and start using it. There are tabs with your timeline, the retweets, the replies and the PM. Taping the big red space on the tap auto refreshes the timeline. You can see your lists, the trending topics and mute some accounts. There are some settings about the notifications and you can remove the ads bying the pro version. It is a clean and fast app that combines your Twitter and Facebook account into one space.

4. Plume for Twitter (free): You can install Plume for free from Google Play. After installing you can login using your Twitter account. You can also add your Facebook account to see your timeline. You can add a column with your timeline, the timeline with mentions, mentions, Direct Messages, Facebook and your favourites. The design is total black and you can add multiple accounts and set it to live stream to see the updates the time they are published. You can also disable the notifications.

5. Carbon for Twitter (free): After downloading Carbon you must login using your Twitter account. This app is simple and beautiful. Dressed in total black, you can swype left and right to go to other tabs or drag down to refresh. There is a notification menu to let you decide if you want to get informed about mentions and messages and you can also add multiple accounts. Sometimes is it a bit confusing but after some using you’ll find out what the buttons are about.

Widget: Falcon Widget for Twitter (free): It’s a beautiful widget you can add to your screen. This is not an app so you have to go on the widget section and add it to your home screen. It’s a big widget that will be on one panel. When loged in from your Twitter account the widget will sync your tweets. Then you can see all the updates from your phone without entering an app. You can also see the mentions, the direct messages, lists, trends and set the sync options. All you can do with an apps is available on that smart widget.


  1. Donna  /  July 12, 2013, 9:22 am

    How do you sign out from the twitter app?

    • Simon Koss  /  July 12, 2013, 9:23 am

      It’s easy! Go to your Twitter app and select the settings (press the 3 dots on the top right) then Settings and Choose the Account you want to log out. Go down and press the Sign out button.

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