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A smart SMS Autoresponder and Scheduler app to make your life easier

A smart SMS Autoresponder and Scheduler app to make your life easier

Do you have a busy lifestyle? No free time for SMS and MMS? This app is great for you! I loved it not only because it sends automatically SMS to my mother and my wife when I am on a meeting but because the app helps me respond to mass holidays and birthday wishes so as to spend the special days with people I love, not respondind to SMSs. And the job is done with the SMS Autoresponder + Scheduler app from LeMi Apps.


Start by downloading the free app from Google Play. Search for SMS Autoresponder + Scheduler and press install. That’s easy. Then you can open the app and start making your life easier. All you need to do is to choose the right profile and then the app starts sending SMS. So no need to text when you drive or when you are watching a movie, the app will auto respond to your contacts.


It’s really easy to set your rules and create some messages to fit your lifestyle. If you drive a lot, you can set some SMS profiles that say your are driving, if you have a lot of meetings, you can create some SMS for every contact that sends you a message or for contacts only. You can also set the app to send an SMS when the phone receives a phone call. So you are sure that the people that will contact you, they will get the right message.

So choose a status from the list, turn it on, set the status duration and that’s it, the app is running in the background silently.

The settings are simple, you can select to reply only to contacts or reply to everyone. You can also select if you want to send only one response to the same contact during status duration so as not to send multiple messages with the same text. There is also an option to reply to calls only or SMS only and to turn the ringer off automatically when the app is set to respond.

In the settings you can select to ignore numbers shorter than 4 or 5 digits or longer to 12 or 13 digits so as not to respond to international numbers and avoid short numbers that are coming from call centers.

You can also set the MMS and proxy settings to respond to MMS. The settings are simple and that’s the magic of that app, that it is simple and easy to use and will make your life much easier.

When it’s time to use the app, set a status and let the phone respond to your contacts or every incoming phone and SMS. Write a personal message describing the status (for example if you drive don’t just type “I am driving, I will call you later”, write something like “I am driving and I will get back to you as soon as my journey is completed”.

You can also set some lists to help you write the right message to the right person. You can create an emergency list, a personalized list or a don’t reply list to ignore incoming SMS and calls from certain people.


➡ The app is free and easy to use

➡ When the app is set to on, it will do the job and won’t bother you again

➡ It’s the perfect solution for SMS during holidays, family events, birthdays wishes, etc

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