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Comparing 4 apps to block unwanted callers and SMS

Comparing 4 apps to block unwanted callers and SMS

Are you tired of some phone calls? Do you want to relax when getting home? Elena asked us to save her from some callers. We have used 4 free apps to block unwanted callers. We use them often so we are going to tell you which one is the best. After these apps, no one will disturb you any more.

Call control

It’s easy to start with Call Control. All you have to do is download it and get started. There is a feature called Community Blacklist, it is very useful if it works on your country. The app can block spam callers flagged by other users of the app. It works like spam filters on your email. It also takes the numbers from FCC “Do not call” registry violators and blocks them automatically so they will not disturb you. You can either send blocked calls to voicemail or disconnect them. You can also report a spam call and help the community get rid of the calls. There is also Privacy Mode where you can set to accept calls only from your contacts or block all the numbers. You can choose to block all fake callers or non numeric senders. It is easy to add numbers to the black list and get rid of them. There is also a Pro version that will let you schedule when you want calls to be blocked.

Mr Number

It’s a more well designed app that after downloaded it that asks for your phone number. You can skip that and also skip the app it will ask you to download. Then you go to the latest calls list where you can easily block numbers and contacts. If you choose to block a number, you can choose to hang up or send it to voicemail. You can select if the number is a spam number and add a comment to remember why it is a spammer. You can choose to get a notification for every blocked call and SMS or skip it and never get a notification. You can also choose to automatically delete the text messages you receive from blocked users. I like the settings on this app and the options I have to never get informed about a blocked user. If the user keeps sending me messages and making me calls and I want so, I will never get informed about all that spam. This is truly a great option if you want to get rid of people and services.

Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

This app is light, it will download in seconds and when installed you can easily add some numbers to block them. You can also block SMS from that number. You can choose not to get notifications from that number and set a password to get access to the app. Although a blocked number is not a top security issue, some people want to lock the app. I like the app because it is simple and light, just 190KB, it’s not rocket science, you only need to block a number so why download 5MB on your RAM?

Call Blocker

This is a more complicated app you can download for free or upgrade to the premium update. You can block SMS and calls. Let’s start from SMS. You must go to Blocked SMS, press settings and import SMS to the blocked list. For the calls there is a different way to block calls. You press the Blocked Calls and then the add button on the top and then again the add number and then you select where the numbers are and finally select them. This is complicated and we always like simple apps for simple procedures like blocking a single number or SMS.


These 4 apps are useful, you can find many more that will block your calls and SMS. Some Android phones have the ability to block numbers preinstalled in the Phone menu. There you can easily add numbers to the blocked list. From the four apps, our favourite is Mr. Number. It is simple, beautiful and can do the work. Call control has an old design and Call Blocker is too complicated. Don’t forget that you want to block one or two calls and SMSs per month or per year. So no need to make your life to complicated. Too bad Mr. Number is the biggest app of the gour with 4.8MB while Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker is only 190KB. So this is our final choice, we need a simple, light, no effects, trustworthy app to block some numbers and Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker is the one.

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