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Android based PC offering easy family filters for safe browsing

Android based PC offering easy family filters for safe browsing

MiiPC is a new idea already popular on Kickstarter. It is a PC based on Android OS that can provide an easy control panel for families to check the PC use of their children.

With this PC parents can have multiple control on their kids online presence.

You can visit the Kickstarter page and back this project or the official page of MiiPC.

The PC allows you to control:

  • the web pages a kid visits while on the net
  • the apps the kids will use
  • the amount of time they will spent on the computer.

Along with the MiiPC there is a mobile app for Android and iOS that gives online real time access to parental control.

Parents with this app installed on their phones can check every minute what the kid is doing online.

From the app you can set guidelines for kids’ online activities and get real-time monitoring.

MiiPC is a new small, compact device running Android 4.2 that can be connected to your monitor or the TV through HDMI or USB.

It can be connected to a mouse and a keyboard and it can offer a unique experience for communication, games and work.

At the inside of the device you can find 4 GB of space that can store a movie or some photos. If you want more space you can use a microSD card.

The processor is dual core Marvell New Armada at 1,2GHz with 1GB of RAM (or 2Gb on special editions). It’s not for hard core gaming but you can play Angry Birds, surf the web and edit a text.

This is the first Android based PC created for families and kids and the Kickstarter project has already gained a lot of attention. So maybe this is the new hit on PCs.

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