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9 tips to win Astro Shark HD mechanics game

9 tips to win Astro Shark HD mechanics game

I love the mechanics of this game. I would prefer it was space fighters with missiles and planets but it’s ok, I can handle the love story because the game play is addictive.

Astro Shark moves in outer space and tries to avoid the missiles.

You can turn around the planets and make these missiles explode.

Each level has its own mechanics and things change fast so you don’t get bored.

What’s the story?

The story is a bit crazy, I don’t really like it. But the game play is addictive so that’s why I love this game.

You dive into outer space with Astro Shark to save his abducted love, Laika, the Russian space dog. Ok?! silly but the game is addictive and fun. So read the tips and download the game.

9 tips to win (and end that stupid love story)

1. You should destroy the rockets. You can easily destroy rockets by tricking them into the mines

2. To trigger a mine just fly over it. By flying over it you activate the mine and then it destroys the rocket.

3. Avoid hitting ice planets as you get frozen and then you get hit by the rockets.

4. Try orbiting around the frozen planets as they will release an ice wave that freezes the rockets. Then just smash into them!

5. The best way to complete the missions is to wait for more rockets to follow you, then orbit one ice planet and shatter all the frozen rockets at once.

6. It takes a while for the rockets to be respawned, so you can continue your way to the target without being pursued.

Download link
Astro Shark HD (0.79€)

7. Dodge a rocket by just flying towards a rocket and have a near miss with it

8. Orbiting a planet for too long makes them crumble.

9. You need a fast phone to play some of the later stages when so many missiles are chasing you. So try this game with a quad core phone.

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