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Motorola Moto X

Motorola Moto X specs rating: 66.0

Motorola Moto X ranking compared to other Android phones. »

Google Plus auto backup

Disable auto backup on Google Plus (when our photos go to Google Plus automatically)

Marilena asked for Android help when she saw all her photos from here Android device going on Google Plus account. Google started syncing her online s... »

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sony Xperia Z Ultra specs rating: 71.1

Sony Xperia Z Ultra ranking compared to other Android phones. »

Huawei Ascend Mate

Huawei Ascend Mate specs rating: 59.2

Huawei Ascend Mate ranking compared to other Android phones. »

Get offline the online content

Read online content when you are offline with Offline browser

Our friend Estel asked for Android help as he needs an app to read stuff from online sites when he is offline. Some apps like the Verge or the BBC let... »


Record your incoming and outgoing calls

LLene asked for Android help as she wants to record her calls and we will help her do it. Android devices have some limitation on recording the calls.... »

IQ Test app

How smart are you? Take the free IQ test

If you just want to see how smart you are, or you want to have fun for some minutes or you want to get even smarter, this app is for you. This free ap... »

LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G Pro specs rating: 72.7

LG Optimus G Pro ranking compared to other Android phones. »

Android vibration

Check if the vibration works on your phone (vibration test)

Ppanto has some vibration problems and asked how to solve them. Well before solving the problem we need to be sure that there is actually one. Vibrati... »

How to set the language

Set the language to English from Arabic, Chinese or whatever other language set by fault

When you play with the settings, it’s very easy to lose the language setting and select a language you can not understand like Chinese, Arabic or mayb... »

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