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ZTE Blade 3 or Sony Xperia E: Which one to buy?

ZTE Blade 3 or Sony Xperia E: Which one to buy?

If you are searching for a cheap smartphone, then you can buy a new cheap smartphone or an older model with a dropped price.

There are a lot of cheap smartphones so there are many options. Here we are going to compare ZTE Blade 3, one of the most popular cheap smartphones and Sony Xperia E, a new cheap smartphone by Sony.

ZTE Blade 3 was launched in September 2012 and Sony Xperia E is just some months old as it was launched in March 2013.

Let’s compare these phones.


Shape: Sony Xperia E
Design: Sony Xperia E


Sony Xperia E is a bit lighter as it has a smaller screen and a smaller body. So Sony weights 115g compared to 130 for ZTE Blade 3.

The design is a personal taste. We love the design of Sony Xperia E as it has the same line as the new premium phones of the company. I think Sony has made a better work than ZTE on the design.

ZTE Blade 3 is a bit slimmer, it is just 1mm but here the numbers make the difference.

Winner: ZTE Blade 3


Sony Xperia E has a smaller screen, it is 3.5 inches compared to the 4 inches of ZTE Blade 3.

The screen of ZTE Blade 3 has also a better screen as it has 233 pixels per inch compared to the 165 pixels per inch of Sony Xperia E.

You will notice the difference between the two phones.

Primary camera: ZTE Blade 3


ZTE Blade 3 has a 5MP camera and Sony Xperia E has a 3.15MP camera that take video too.

Both phones take VGA phones and they have a geotagging capability.

There is no secondary camera so you should forget the video chat.

The camera on ZTE Blade 3 is better.


Both phones have a single core processor at 1.0GHz and 512MB of RAM. So they have the same processor and they have the same speed. So no winner here.

Winner: ZTE Blade 3


The battery on the two phones is almost the same. Almost. ZTE Blade 3 has a 1600mAh battery and Sony Xperia E a 1530mAh battery. The battery depends on the use we make of the phone and both phones will not stay without recharging more than 2 days. But as the numbers count, ZTE Blade 3 has a better battery.

Other specs and details

Memory: The two phones have 4GB of space and they support a microSD card. So you have as memory as you want on your phone. Winner: No Winner

Android version: Sony Xperia U is newer so it’s normal that it has a newer version of Android. ZTE Blade 3 started with Android 4.0 and Sony Xperia E has started with Android 4.1. We don’t know if Sony Xperia E will be updated to Android 4.2 (I think not) but here it takes the point. Winner: Sony Xperia E

Options & Apps: Both phones have the Android apps package and Sony has some more apps as all Sony phones. They both have GPS and Radio and support HTML5 and Java. Sony Xperia E has Timescape software, this is a custom Sony UI we like a lot so we give the point to Sony. Winner: Sony Xperia E

Final verdict

Newer is not always the best. Design does not always win. This is what you should remember in that war. ZTE Blade 3 is a bit older but it is still a good choice as it has a great screen and a better camera. Sony Xperia E has a beautiful design and a newer Android version. As there are no great differences between Android 4.0 and Android 4.1, Sony Xperia E has only the design to convince you. But do you really care about design? Well, that depends!

Total Wins

ZTE Blade 3 (read the full review)
bigger and better screen
better camera
bigger battery
Sony Xperia E
beautiful design
newer Android version
more preinstalled apps

Specs rating of ZTE Blade 3

SpecZTE Blade 3Compared to:with spec:ScoreBuy now:
AVP rating methodTotal Rating45.3%
Width10iPhone 57.668%

Weight130iPhone 511284%
Screen PPI233HTC One46950%
Camera MP5Nokia Pureview4112%
2nd Camera0Sony Xperia Z2.20%
Processor1 * 1.0Samsung S48 * 1.68%
RAM MB512HTC One200026%
Battery mAh1600Samsung Note 2310052%
Android4.0Google Nexus 44.267%
Release Date2012-09Today2013-0375%
Our view70%-100%70%

Specs rating of Sony Xperia E

SpecSony Xperia ECompared to:with spec:ScoreBuy now:
AVC rating methodTotal Rating46.5%Get the best price!
Width11iPhone 57.655%
Weight115HTC Desire C10085%
Screen PPI165HTC One46935%
Camera MP3.15Nokia Pureview418%
2nd Camera-Sony Xperia Z2.20%
Processor1 * 1.0Samsung S48 * 1.68%
RAM MB512HTC One200026%
Battery mAh1530Samsung Note 2310049%
Android4.1Google Nexus 44.283%
Release Date2013-03-Today88%
Our view65%-100%65%

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