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Work with 2 apps running at the same screen

Work with 2 apps running at the same screen

This is a utility we were waiting for long time on tablets. Sony Xperia Tablet S and other Android devices as Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have the ability of multibrowsing and multitasking.

Difficulty: Easy
Android device Used: Sony Xperia Tablet S, Sony Xperia T
Android: 4.0

In Sony Xperia Tablet S you can run two apps at the same screen at the same time.

You cannot run all the apps at the same time but only the smart apps that Sony supports along with some selected other Android apps.

The Smart Apps are hidden in a small pop up menu on the lower section of your screen.

Press the smart app menu and find the app you are looking for.

Smart Apps that are supported are: the browser, the calculator, an app to take notes, the remote control for the TV and the Timer.

You can always have one of these apps on your screen and at the same time run other Android apps.

So you can make a lot of combinations and that’s very helpful for your daily work and fun.

For example you can use the memo with the browser, the YouTube app with the notes, the remote control with every app etc.

You can do the same stuff at Sony Xperia T:

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