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Make your device look like it’s made of plasticine

Make your device look like it’s made of plasticine

Now that Android will let you create different accounts for the same device, you can create an account for your children and add these beautiful plasticine widgets.

Plasticine widgets are beautiful and can be added for free on your device.

There are three widgets that are available for free from Google Play, a clock, a battery widget (with percentage option) and a switch widget (to control your device and enable and disable airplane mode, bluetooth, sync, Wi-Fi, GPS and sound).

Clock: you can choose the analog clock with or without the second hand. Choose the analog clock without the second hand to reduce the battery usage as the second hand is moving when the screen is on.

Battery widget: You can select multiple colors for the battery widget, you can find blue, pink, red or green and select if you want the percentage of the remaining battery to be displayed on the screen.

Switch widget: You can select the color of each button between blue, green and yellow. There are 8 switches available for 6 widgets. You can select which button you want on each position. Just press Clear buttons and then press the first block. Select the color and the switch. Then it will be added to the widget. When finished, press Add widget and it will be added to your screen.

They are different from all other widgets and we love them, especially the clock and the battery widget. The switch widget is also good but it takes a big proportion of your screen compared to the actual size you see on your screen. So you see a small widget take control on the whole upper side of your screen letting no space for other widgets.

These widgets are available for smartphones and tablets with Android 4.X versions (not Android 2.X or 3.X).

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