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Which Android tablet to buy to play games: comparing 7 Android tablets

Which Android tablet to buy to play games: comparing 7 Android tablets

Android games are getting better and better and we like playing with our touch screens on Android tablets.

Below we collected 7 Android tablets and we compare them in their gaming aspects only. For gamers only. 

So we look at their screens and the processor power. For that purpose we use the 3DMark’s scoring system to be sure that we can show the little differences that are hiding in the CPU tech specs.

The Android tablets are:
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Google Nexus 7
Kobo Arc
Sony Xperia Tablet S
Asus Transformer TF700
Google Nexus 10
What is 3D Mark test
3DMark runs a canned demo of a simulated sci-fi game called Ice Storm and it mesures the GPU speed and the performance.On the table you can find the highest score for each tablet. The biggest the score, the better the performance.

How we compare the tablets

We take the 3 specs of the tablets (size of the screen, PPI – pixels per inch and processor) and the the 3D mark tests results for normal and extreme mode.

Now let’s see how we give the points:

The tablets are compared between them, not with other tablets. So the total points are relevant to that test, not a generic point system.

So if a tablet has the best screen (PPI) it takes 100 points. The second takes 85, the third 70, 55, 40, 25 and the last one 10.

We do the same in the 5 different columns of the table and we have the final score (which is the average score of all).

Which one to buy?

Well it’s obvious that Nexus 10 and Asus Transformer TF700 are far away from the competition.

Nexus 10 is a winner generally, as it has beaten also Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to their VS test.

If you only see the 3D Mark test, there is no other option to buy. If you see overall the test, the two of them are far away from the competition.

Of course we didn’t see other specs of the devices as cameras, features, apps etc as it’s a gaming related test.

So if you want a strong gaming tablet at 10 inches, Nexus 10 is the answer and in 8 inches Galaxy Note 8 is the best choice.

CompanyModelScreenPPIProcessor3D Mark (Normal, 720p)3D Mark (Extreme, 1080p)Total Points
GoogleNexus 1010.12992 * 1.78055543288
AsusTransformer TF70010.12244 * 1.54298239785
SamsungGalaxy Note 88.01894 * 1.63300251964
SonyXperia Tablet S9.41612 * 1.04084224949
GoogleNexus 77.02164 * 1.23545188946
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.110.11494 * 1.42767208846
KoboArc7.02152 * 1.53665189743

You can sort the table by clicking on the title of the spec. Double click to resort.

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