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Get your life in order with the perfect event logger app

Get your life in order with the perfect event logger app

I love maths. I also love my phone when the device reminds me of stuff i forgot to do like going to the gym, cycle or swim. I also like statistics and charts for everyday events. I want to know how many times I visited the gym last month. I also want to know how many times I had a haircut last year or the amount of petrol my car drinks in a month. Maths are making your life better. And that’s why WhenDidI Lite – Event Logger from eWorld Tech is all about. To make you life better.


Start by downloading the free app from Google Play. Search for WhenDidI Lite – Event Logger, install and open the app. It’s not a complicated app, all you need to do is to create your activities and start counting. Then you can see stats of these activities, events on a calendar, summaries and smart charts. It’s easier to control your life and take bigger decisions when you know exactly, for example, how many calories you get each day, or the cost of petrol or how many times you went swimming or climbing in a month.


You can start by creating your own categories. Go to Activities and select Categories. Then tap on the + button and add your category. Select Type (Counter, Quantity, Price or Price and Quantity), Measurement (Duration, gallons, hours ets), name the category and type a small description. The category is ready. Now you can start making your life better.

If you tap on a Category and then you press the star button, the category is now on your favourites and you can access it directly from the main screen. So if you make the Cycling favourite, you can see the list events for Cycle or Add some Events.

You can set up WhenDidI to track a lot of things every day like

  • How many calories you consumed
  • How many pints of alcohol drank
  • Cost of lunch per day
  • When you last feed the baby (if you have a newly born baby, this is fantastic)
  • Time spent in the gym

Now let’s see the other parts of this fantastic app:

Events: You can manage and view the all the events you entered on the app

Statistics: You can check the statistics of a category like the quantities and all the costs by day, week, month and check the averages.

Summaries: Take a look at the information for an event category such as the cost and quantity averages, totals and the largest and smallest values.

Measurements: You can set your own measurements.

Charts: Charts are really helpful to see the activity and make the right decisions. When numbers don’t speak, charts do.

Quick Links: Easy shortcuts to get you right on the activity you want with a simple tap.


➡ You have unlimited topics, measurements, notes, events, your life can be really simpler with that app

➡ You can backup all the data on the SD card or with Dropbox and share them with email. So you can show your wife your progress on getting fitter.

➡ The stats are great but the charts are even better. You can make great life decisions by looking some numbers and charts.

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