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Watch movies with subtitles in your language

Watch movies with subtitles in your language

There are a lot of movie players in Android Google Play but few of them are good for watching movies with subtitles. Apostolis asked for Android support to find a good player to watch a movie with subtitles in Greek.

If you are watching an English movie and you want to use the srt file, you need to follow the steps.

We tried a lot of movie players like RealPlayer, Winamp for Android but these players can’t play the srt files the right way.

So we tried even more players like HikiPlayer, QQPlayer, mVideo Player and some more but these players are good for english subtitles but they have problems with other languages or media files.

And then we found the right app, BS Player Free. You download the app from Google Play for free, it’s the best movie player for srt files and movie files like avi. And it can play a lot of movie formats too.

And this is how to do it:

1. Move the movie files to your mobile from your PC using your usb cable. Also move in your mobile the srt files.

2. Download and install BS Player Free app from Google Play

3. Open the app and browse for the movie file

4. Then press Play and go to App settings (three dots up right)

5. Select Subtitles – Select Active Subtitles and select the file you moved to your phone (srt file)

6. Enjoy the movie. They are playing like on movie theaters!

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