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After Space Invaders, are you ready to be a Wasabi Pea Invader?

After Space Invaders, are you ready to be a Wasabi Pea Invader?

That’s been a long time since I enjoyed a game and that’s why i really like Wasabi Pea Invaders, a free space game from Snowball software.

After a bit of practice, you’ll be addicted too. What’s better than a free fun game?


Start by downloading the free app from Google Play. Download, install and open the app.

There are not complicated settings, you just need to learn how to play.

There are two types of games, tilt on and off.

Tilt on: you control the spacecraft by tilting your phone. It’s more fun but much more difficult. Once you learn to tilt your phone with the right way, you will be a space king.

Tilt off: There are two more buttons on the screen, spin left and right. You can control the spacecraft with these buttons. It’s very easy. I like more this way.

From the settings you can also turn the music on and off (great music by the way) and see the credits (hi Jim).

Then you go back and start playing.


It’s easy to learn to play. Press the play button on the right down side of your screen and choose training.

Training 1

In the training mode you can learn how to play step by step. You can see the controls (fire button on your left), spin left and right and also Thrust.

In the first level of training, press Thrust to move to the Wrap and enter it.

To turn the spacecraft, press the spin left / right buttons and then thrust.

Training 2

That was easy and now you are on the training 2.

Now you need to fire on the peas. It’s funny to fire on peas. If they are big enough they are not destroyed very quickly, they get smaller and then you fire at them again and turn even smaller.

Fire at the pea (move the spacecraft to find the target). Then turn again to find the Wrap and enter it. Now you are in Training 3.

Training 3

In the Training 3 you can see the power ups. Collect them to be invisible as long as they are there. After collecting as much as you can, go to the Wrap and the Training is over.


Now it’s time to Launch. Press Launch and start playing. It’s more difficult now as there are moving objects. But it also more fun.

Are you ready to destroy all the peas? If you like the free version, there is also a paid one that is really amazing (download it for 0.77€)


– Power ups are really helpful and make the game better

– It’s fun to press Thrust, pass from the right side of the screen to the left one

– The music is amazing

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