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Use your tablet as a remote control for your TV

Use your tablet as a remote control for your TV

We like when our gadgets can control other gadgets. This is why we love when you can control your TV with your smartphone or tablet.

There are two ways of doing so, with Wi-Fi app or with IR technology. Here we have a device with IR technology.

Difficulty: Easy
Android device Used: Sony Xperia Tablet S
Android: 4.0

Sony Xperia Tablet S has an IR inside the top part of the device.

As a result you can control your TV, your stereo or other controller from the tablet.
In the menu there is a controller app, you can open it and fast put some info about your television.

Seconds after that you are able to control the TV from your tablet.

There is also another option to let the tablet learn the buttons from your controller.

It’s a more complicated procedure but you can learn the tablet to control other gadgets that are not inside the long catalogue of devices preinstalled in the tablet.

It’s really fan to control your TV from your tablet.

There is even a smart app on the Sony Xperia Tablet S that lets the controller on your screen even if you open different apps.

We that way you always have the controller on your screen.

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