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Update your smartphone to newer Android versions

Update your smartphone to newer Android versions

Difficulty: Very Easy
Android device used: Samsung Galaxy S3
Android version: Android 4.0
When you buy an Android phone, there is a version of the Android OS installed in it.

Some companies decide to update some of their phones to newer versions.

The update depends on the strategy of the phone and the specs of the phone. For example devices with single core processor cannot update to Android 4.2.

The newer versions are not always better than the older ones so just let a comment below to ask us if you should update your phone to another version.

It’s very easy to update your Android phone. Just follow the steps.


1. Open the wi-fi of your device so as to have access to fast internet
2. Go to Settings, then choose About device
3. Tap Software update
4. Click update and wait. If there is an official update it will be downloaded and installed.
5. The device will auto restart and you will have a newer version of the OS.

The 90% of the updates are small corrections to the current version of Android and not a new one.

Should I update my device? Are there any problems?

Please let a comment before updating your device so as to look at the update and warn you if there is a problem with this update.

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