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Twistor takes Minesweeper to a brand-new dimension (3D)

Twistor takes Minesweeper to a brand-new dimension (3D)

Addicted to Minesweeper? Welcome to the club. You are not alone! So now you can play your favourite game on Android devices. It’s really fun and it’s 3D. The app is called Twistor and you can download it for free.

It is a brand new game, launched on October 23th by Twistor and it is really really fan.


For start download the app for free from Google Play. Then open the app and you can see the welcome screen.

From that screen, you can select the Level 1 and start playing or check the high scores or go to the preferences.

Let’s start from the preferences where you can select the rendering mode, continuous or battery saver. We selected the Continuous mode to have 100% the experience of the game on our Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Go back to the main screen and select the Level 1 to start playing. After finishing the level 1 you can go to Level 2 and then to Level 3.

Twistor is a 3D Minesweeper and is much more fun than the retro game we played on our desktop PCs.


To win, all you have to do is to dig the blocks of the  3D cube and avoid the hidden skull-bombs. Is it easy? Not a piece of cake. You have to think twice before making a move and that is the magic of this game. It is so addictive!

Start by taping a block. If you are lucky it will be a number block, if not a bomb block (you lose one life).

If the number is 2, that means that next to that block, there are two blocks with bombs. Of course you are not sure in which blocks the bombs are as there are more than two blocks next to it. So you need to calculate where the bombs are based on the numbers that are shown on other blocks.

You have 3 safe moves on the first level but don’t waste them in the beginning of the game as you need them to minimize the risk at the end of each game.

Think twice before each tap. Calculate where the bombs might be and turn the 3D cube around to see the other numbers so as to make safe moves. Try to beat your high score by solving the puzzles faster.

This game is really challenging, really addictive and moves the classic Minesweeper to a whole new level. Just download and play!


– Great 3D graphics
– Amazing fun play
– Fun for all ages

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