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Turn off NFC on your device

Turn off NFC on your device

NFC is a smart technology that will let you pair a device with another device.

We used NFC to pair our Sony smartphone with Sony SmartWatch 2 but when we don’t need the NFC, we must turn it off to preserve battery.

Most users don’t use the NFC technology but their devices are set to always have NFC on.

So it’s time to turn it off. NFC is hiding inside the menu and you need to find it before disabling it.


1. Go to Settings

2. In the Wireless & Networks Ssection select More

3. Make sure the NFC is disabled (uncheck it).

You can also add a widget on your screen so as to enable and disable immediately the NFC (the NFC widget is not available in all devices).

You can also add NFC to the Quick Settings menu, in some devices you can edit the Quick Settings and add the functions you really need.


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