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Transfer your content from one Android to a new HTC Android

Transfer your content from one Android to a new HTC Android

If you just bought a new Android phone, you can easily transfer your content from another Android smartphone.

Most new smartphones have a simple guide that will help you transfer the contacts, the photos and any other content from one phone to another.

The application is installed in every Android smartphone, here we are going to see the steps for HTC Transfer Tool. You can find similar tools in LG or Motorola phones.

HTC Transfer Tools can transfer all content from Android 2.2 devices or later.

With this method you can transfer: bookamrks, mail, clock settings, calendar, stocks, weather, tasks, messages, contacts, music, photos, videos and all the settings.


1. If you’re setting up your new HTC phone for the first time, select Get content from old phone to start the transfer process. You can also go to Settings – and select Get content from another phone (second scroll).

2. Choose whether to transfer from an old HTC Android phone or other Android phone or the iPhone.

3. Choose Full transfer and then tap Next.

4. Follow the steps shown on your new phone and download the HTC Transfer Tool from Google Play to your old phone.

5. Install HTC Transfer Tool to your old device and then open the app.

6. When you see a PIN on your old phone make sure the same PIN also appears on your new phone before you continue.

7. On your old phone, choose the types of content you want to transfer, and then tap Start or Transfer.

7. Wait for the transfer to finish.

8. Tap Done on both phones. Transfer is done!


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