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How to use a touch screen on a smartphone

How to use a touch screen on a smartphone

We find touch screens in every Android smartphone. But are we sure how to use them?

Sometimes we just tap on a screen but modern touch screens can do many more. Here we are going to see how to tap, open, move, zoom and scroll, using just the fingers.


Tapping is the most common gesture on a Sony Smartphone.

By tapping you can

• Open or select an item.
• Mark or unmark a checkbox or option.
• Enter text using the on-screen keyboard (tap and the keyboard comes to life).

Touching and holding

By long pressing on an item you can add moe features.

Touch and hold and you can:

• Move an item.
• Activate an item-specific menu.
• Activate selection mode, for example, to select several items from a list.

Pinching and spreading

Pinching is a great gesture using two fingers.

Use your two fingers to pinch and spread and you can zoom in or out on a web page, a photo or a map.


You can move on your device with your fingers.

• Scroll up or down a list.
• Scroll left or right, for example, between Home screen panes.


Flicking is for quick scroll.

Scroll quickly, for example, in a list or on a web page. You can stop the scrolling movement by tapping the screen.


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