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The best security apps for Android phones

The best security apps for Android phones

If you feel unprotected on your Android phone and you fear that your personal contacts, your photos and all the data can be stolen by hackers or common thieves, then you need one of these apps (or more than one).

I collected the best security apps for Android devices to select the best that fits for you.

Avast Mobile Security
A great free security software against viruses, spyware and other malware. It can also locate your phone and filter your calls to let the spammers and unwanted out.
AVG Antivirus Security
AVG has two versions, the free one and the Pro which is more complete. It can protect you from viruses, malware and will let you remotely wipe the data if your phone is stolen.
Norton Security Antivirus
This is one of the most famous antivirus, now on Android. It will remove viruses and malware and wipe your phone’s data if stolen. There is also a free version of the app.

McAfee Antivirus & Security
Another security giant on Android. you can use the free trial and remove malware, lock applications, track your device and filter unwanted calls and SMS.

Lookout Security
It’s a typical security app for Android that will save you from malware and viruses. Security features are free but you have to pay for full protection.

Webroot Security & Antivirus
We choose Premier but there is a free version too. It will save you from malware and will scan all applications downloaded to your device to check for phishing scams.

Kaspersky Mobile Security
Kaspersky gives you a lot in a low price. It offers real time cloud protection and it has a lite version. It will filter your calls and locate your phone too.

TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security
A free security app that secures the web browsing and scans for malware. It will also back up your data and will wipe out everything if a thief inputs the wrong password three times.
mSecure Password Manager
This app is to let you secure your password. It keeps all the sensitive data in one place and ensures malicious hackers can’t access it.
SeekDroid Antitheft & Security
A special app to find your phone if it is stolen. It will let you wipe all data remotely, see your phone on the map and alert people with an alarm.
AppPriceAnti-VirusAnti-malwarePassword ProtectionPhone locatorCall - SMS filterBack upOther FeaturesSizeDownload
Avast Mobile SecurityFreeYesYesNoYesYesNoNetwork Meter, Apps Manager, Widget, 5.7MBGoogle Play
AVG Antivirus Security10.99€YesYesNoYesYesAppsTask killer, App Locker, Safe Web Surfing, Performance Monitoring, VariesGoogle Play
Norton Security Antivirus29.99€YesYesNoYesYesContactsScream alarm, SIM lock, Remotely wipe information, multiple devices6.3MBGoogle Play
McAfee Antivirus & Security29.99€YesYesNoYesYesDataSafe Mobile Web Surfing, Device Lock, Remotely Wipe Data7.2MBGoogle Play
Lookout Security29.99€YesYesNoYesNoContactsScream alarmVariesGoogle Play
Webroot Security & Antivirus15.57€YesYesNoYesYesNoBattery Monitor, Device Wipe, Scream alarm3.5MBGoogle Play
Kaspersky Mobile Security04.95€YesYesNoYesYesNoCloud-enabled protection5.7MBGoogle Play
TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile SecurityFreeYesYesNoYesNoDataSystem Manager, Privacy Guard,3.8MBGoogle Play
mSecure Password Manager07.99€NoNoYesNoNoPasswordsPassword Manager, Auto-sync, Auto-login, Hacking Protection8.9MBGoogle Play
SeekDroid Antitheft & Security03.87€NoNoNoYesNoNoMultiple devices, Remotely wipe0.2MBGoogle Play

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