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10+1 smartest Sony Xperia Z1 tips (on video)

10+1 smartest Sony Xperia Z1 tips (on video)

Every premium smartphone has a lot of tips and apps that are sometimes hidden. Here we have some of the smartest tips for the camera and the general use of the device. As Sony Xperia Z1 is a 20.7MP camera phone, let’s start from the camera tips.


Using voice to search is “passee” so you can search with images. All you have to do is open the cam and select Info-Eye. Then you take a shot and your phone is looking for something familiar. It can recognise buildings, products, QR codes, barcodes and business cards. It’s a useful tool using the power of your camera. Go to your camera and press the gold (Superior Auto) button on the left down of the screen. Then select Info-Eye and then take a shot of what you are looking more infos. The phone must be able to connect to the net.

If you are taking photos of something moving, you can use the burst mode. The burst mode is very strong on that device and you get the best picture of a set of shoots. Open the camera and press the gold (Superior Auto) button on the left down of the screen. Then select Timeshift burst and take a shot. Then you can easily select the shot you like. It’s magic. I love this feature.

Augmented reality effects come to your device. Open the camera and press the gold (Superior Auto) button on the left down of the screen. Then select AR Effect. You can select one of the 6 effects. Funky disco, underwater and fairytale are very fun, you must try them. Nobody will believe these photos are realy.

It’s very easy to take a screenshot on Sony Xperia Z1. Just press at the same time the power button and the button right next to it (volume down not volume up). The screenshot is ready and it is stored on your gallery.

Every device comes with some apps pre installed. These apps are useful to some and annoying to others. In Sony Xperia Z1 you can disable the pre installed apps you don’t need so as to make your phone look lighter. Of course, you can re enable these apps and after the hard reset, these apps come back but you can make them disappear from All menu. You can delete all Google and Sony apps on your phone. So go to Settings > Apps, seype right or left to find All and select your app. You can delete or disable the app. If your phone starts behaving strangely, you can re enable the apps.

The notification bar is really useful feature as you can edit basic settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sound etc. Most phones have a notification bar but Sony Xperia Z1 let you edit the notification bar with the icons you want to have. You can go to Settings > Personalization > Quick Settings and select the apps you want. You can also set them in the right order by long pressing on the squares on the left.

You can learn your keyboard the words and style you write and it will let you type even faster. Start by going to the Settings ? Language & input and then press the settings button on Xperia keyboard and select Personalization guide. There is a series of choices you can make. Selece the keyboard, if you like autocorrect and then let the app analyze your writing style. There is also a voice input option.

You can make your battery last longer if you enable the smart power management app. Go to Settings > Power Management and enable stamina Mode, Low Battery Mode and Location Based Wi-Fi. You can also select to see the percentage of the battery to better control your battery consumption. Scroll down to see Battery usage to check which apps are consuming your battery. You can also add some apps that will be always on even on Stamina Mode Don’t add too many apps, you need your battery to last longer, remember?

To make your device water resistant, you need to close all open slots. The phone can stay on the water (not sea water) for about 30 minutes without problem and it can even take underwater photos. That’s nice. Just remember that all ports must be closed and not be opened during the underwater stay. So check the microSD, the SIM slot and the micro-USB to be pushed down.

It’s very easy to multitask on your Sony Xperia Z1. Press the double windows button on your screen and check the apps that are running on your device. You can also add to your screen some apps that will stay on the screen at the same time as other apps. So you can take notes and browse a site, Set a timer and visit Facebook or visit a site and make a phone call. It’s great because you can combine apps on the same screen.

There are two ways to make a hard reset. The first one is the famous one, through the menu. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset and reset phone. The other one is the hidden one. Open the SIM slot on the right upper side of the phone. You can see a red button in there. Press it with a pen and the phone will reboot.


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