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Sony Xperia Z review: 6 reasons to buy Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z review: 6 reasons to buy Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z review: 6 reasons to buy Sony Xperia Z Android VIP Club
Our View
This phone is the best Sony phone by far. Powerful, with a lot of options, customizations and apps, it is water resistant and has a great Sony camera and an impressive screen. We love this phone, we have a million causes to love it.
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Sony Xperia Z is the most powerful phone of Sony and one of the best phones in the market right now. Here we give you 6 reasons to buy this phone.

6 reasons to buy Sony Xperia Z

Big 1080p screen
The screen is big and really great. A 5 inches screen is bigger than most smartphones but not as big as a phablet (like Samsung Note 2 or LG Vu). We like the screen and we like the 441 pixels per inch that is more than every other phone currently on the market. It’s a TFT screen 1080×1920 with Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. Sony makes TVs so this company can make a great screen. Really.

Strong camera with a lot of choices
The camera is bigger than most other premium Android smartphones. We have a 13.1MP camera with autofocus and a lot of features. There is also another camera in the front 2.2MP. Both can take 1080p video. On the menu we have a lot of choices as self timer, quick launch, touch capture (to take photo touching the screen and not a button) and smile shutter. We also like the photo modes, we always put it to Superior Auto. Sony has big history in photo shooting and this phone can take a photo well.

Is not afraid of water

The design is cool on that phone with a lot of glass in the front and the back of the phone. In Xperia Z there are no visible ports so the phone is water resistant. You can put it inside a bottle of water and it still works. We love this feature, it’s the first time we hold a pricey smartphone that is not afraid of water or dust.

Smart apps & multitasking

The fast quad core processor gives you a lot of power to play games, get to the net and see high quality movies. We love the multitasking features of that phone but more we like the smart apps that are always on when you need them. Unfortunately there are not a lot of them but they are useful so we hope Sony will add more of them in the future.

Strong battery options
Battery is big 2330mAh, bigger than the latest premium Android smartphones but not as big as Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But Android 4.1 has a lot of options to control your battery and Sony added a few more. There are a few battery profiles on the phone, we like Stamina Mode that lets you control you battery. We tell more about Xperia phone battery here.

A lot of smart features
Sony made a lot of customizations on this phone. For example we have a lot of options on the notification bar so as to control the phone. We also have a lot of widgets to add to our first screen. Walkman app for Music is really pro and Movies for movies too. You can find radio, GPS and all apps of Google. Google Play is full of apps and you have a lot of processing power and memory to install a lot of them and play all games.

What we don’t like

– The viewing angles of the screen are not as good as the rest of the screen
– When shooting a video you can take photos at the same time. But these photos are only 1MP. Why Sony?
– Fingerprints is glasse’s nightmare

Video review


SpecSony Xperia ZCompared to:with spec:ScoreBuy now:
how we rateTotal Rating78.8%Get a better price for this phone
Width7.9iPhone 57.696%
Weight146iPhone 511270%
Screen PPI441HTC One46994%
Camera MP13.1Nokia Pureview4132%
2nd Camera2.2Sony Xperia Z2.2100%
Processor4 * 1.5Samsung S48 * 1.647%
RAM MB2000HTC One2000100%
Battery mAh2330Samsung Note 2310075%
Android4.1Google Nexus 44.283%
Release Date2013-02Today2013-0396%
Our view90%-100%90%

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