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Sony Xperia Tablet Z: 6 reasons to buy and 3 not to buy the quad core Sony tablet

Sony Xperia Tablet Z: 6 reasons to buy and 3 not to buy the quad core Sony tablet
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It’s a quad core tablet by Sony with this funky water resistant feature, slim and beautiful. This is the brother of Sony Xperia Z. I like it but is this a must buy gadget?

Here we have 6 reasons to buy it and 3 not to buy it. Read them and decide if this is the machine you dream of.


Design: The desing is something you cannot miss on this machine. I really love the design. It is slim, it is light and the feeling on your hands is wonderful. Moreover you feel that if it falls from your hands it will not crash like all other glass gadgets. It is the first time I feel like this with the design of a tablet. In numbers the feeling is the same too. It weights 495 grams with 6.9mm weight. Tablet Z is slimmer than all Android smartphones till now on the market. And such a slim body on a 10.1 inches device is something amazing.

Performance: Sony Xperia Tablet Z has a beautiful body combined with a brilliant “mind”. The quad core 1.5GHz processor combined with the 2GB of RAM perform really well on multitasking, videos and games.

Camera: The camera is good, 8.1MP and it has all the features Sony puts on the devices. You have the smart Power Auto that will edit the setting for the camera according to the photo conditions. If you want to choose it by yourself, you can, there are a lot of scenes and also panorama and burst mode to take photos of the action. You can also video chat with 2.2MP camera and apply some funny filters on your photos. If you use your tablet for taking photos, you will like Tablet Z.

16:9 screen: This aspect ratio is smart. You can watch a movie without cut borders but 16:9 is also good for browsing. If you turn the Sony Xperia Tablet Z vertically, you have a huge screen that will show a big part of your site. So no need to scroll down a lot. That’s the same feeling as if you had a 22 inches screen and you would put it vertically. Horizontally the screen is good also and I think most tablets should be 16:9. We use them for browsing and watching videos and movies. So 16:9 is the best aspect ratio.

TV Remote control: I liked that app on previous Sony devices. It’s good to have the ability to control your TV from your tablet when watching TV and browsing the net at the same time. You don’t need an internet TV, it works on every TV via IR and it works good. I miss that feature on my phone.

Small Apps: I like multitasking tricks like Small Apps on Sony devices or Smart Apps or whatever they call them. With Small Apps you can open on your screen some predefined apps and let them open while opening at the same time other apps. So you can have always open apps like the default Browser, Calculator, Clip Manager, Notes, Recorder, TV Remote control and Timer on your screen and then open other apps. They remain both on your screen. The problem here is you cannot open two small apps as you can do in other devices. But I like this feature.


Screen: The screen is good but we have seen much better screens on tablets, even if they are 1 or 2 years old. Sony is the father of Bravia TV’s and with that history, the screen of Sony Xperia Tablet Z is hardly acceptable. The pixels per inch are 224 and Sony Bravia Engine 2 is not the best solution for sunny days.

Sound: I put a YouTube song on the maximum level and hardly could listen to it. The sound is good if you put your headphones but not so loud as other Android and not Android tablets. Sony has a long history with Walkman devices and this tablet should have had very strong sound but it didn’t.

Battery: Sony Xperia Tablet Z has a 6.000mAh battery. That would be huge for a smartphone but not for a tablet with a 10.1 inches screen. The screen and the processor are big enough to be powered by that battery and even with Stamina Mode (Sony clever battery app), the result cannot be compared to other non Android and Android devices with double battery capacity (example iPad 3 has a 11,560 mAh battery and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 a 7.000mAh).

Overall, should I buy or not?

This is definitely a beautiful tablet with one of the most unique designs. Slim but also strong enough with a quad core processor and 2GB of RAM, it will respond to every query. The camera is something you will use too but the lower screen quality, the poor sound and the moderate battery combined with the high price make this tablet unique for design lovers.


Last Rated:03/20/14
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SonyXperia Z2 Tablet87.710.12248.12.04 * 2.3300060006.44394.414-04Best price
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GoogleNexus 7 new79.47.03235.01.24 * 1.5200039508.72904.313-07Best price
SonyXperia Tablet Z78.910.12248.12.24 * 1.5200060006.94954.113-05Best price
DellVenue 873.98.01895.02.02 * 2.0200041009.83504.213-10Best price
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DellVenue 766.67.02163.20.32 * 1.6200041009.62344.213-10Best price
GoogleNexus 1066.010.12295.01.92 * 1.7200090008.96034.212-11Best price
LenovoYoga 1064.0101495.01.94 * 1.2100090008.16054.212-10Best price
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