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How smart are you? Take the free IQ test

IQ Test app

If you just want to see how smart you are, or you want to have fun for some minutes or you want to get even smarter, this app is for you.

This free app tests your verbal, logical and math ability. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get a high score, keep playing and you will get a better score at the end.

There are two modes to play, the test mode and beast mode. But first download for free IQ Test – How Smart are you? from Google Play.

Test Mode

Start by Test Mode. You have 10 minutes to answer 15 questions. Take your time, answer them and submit all the answers at the end. Then the app tells you if you are smart enough. Unfortunately you will not be able to see the answers unless you pay 0.7€ to download another app.

The IQ score is calculated based on the number of right and wrong questions and the difficulty of the questions you answered right or wrong.

The Test Mode is for one time only as you have the same questions every time. After playing more than 5 times, you can learn the answers and impress your friends (or your girlfriend). If you don’t want to impress anyone, you simply nover go back to that mode. But there is another mode for you.

Beast Mode

Here you have some questions you need to answer to be able to go to the next level. If your answer is wrong, the game stops.

There is no Next, Previous or Skip mode, just answer the question and get some points. Here you can find some of the questions of the Test Mode and some brand new.

IQ tests are smart tests that make your brain better, so take as many as you can. So playing with this game will make you better.

Don’t forget that by taking IQ tests, you learn the brain to be smarter and respond faster, this could be good for a job interview.


  • Quick and easy
  • Beast Mode is challenging
  • Fun to play

  • Limited questions on Test mode
  • Intrusive ads

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