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Set the language to English from Arabic, Chinese or whatever other language set by fault

How to set the language

When you play with the settings, it’s very easy to lose the language setting and select a language you can not understand like Chinese, Arabic or maybe French.

After selecting by fault the Chinese language, you are in panic as you have a phone that you cannot understand at all.

To come back to English you need to know the settings path without reading. This is what you will read in the steps below.


1. Go to the menu and find the Settings button. Even if the language has changed, the button remains the same.

2. Go to the 12th selection, it is the language selection. It’s either the 12th from the beginning or the 3rd from the third set of settings.

3. When inside that menu, select the first choice.

4. Now you are in the languages setting. Select the 8th language, it’s the US English.

That’s it! Depending on the Android version, the path may be different so if you have questions, please feel free to ask.

Video: how to set the language without understanding the language

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