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How to set delivery reports for SMS

SMS Delivery reports

Laina asked for Android support because she has no delivery reports on her Android device. So we are going to help her.

Every Android phone has a setting to enable delivery reports for SMS and MMS.

Delivery reports will let you know if the message you just sent is delivered to the phone. Of course this is not a report to let you know if the receiver opened the SMS and read it. This can only be done in chat apps and not SMS as Android OS doesn’t allow it.

So here are the steps to enable delivery reports.

How to enable deilivery reports

1. Open your SMS app

2. Press the 3 dots on the down right of the screen to go to the settings

3. Select Settings

4. Go to the Text (SMS) Messages section

5. Check the Delivery Reports setting.

You can do the same with MMS.

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