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Screebl: A smart app to save battery and keep your screen on when the phone is used

Screebl: A smart app to save battery and keep your screen on when the phone is used

There is a problem with our phones and their screens. The screen is one of the reasons your battery is ending.

Just go to Settings – Battery and see the percentage of your battery the screen is consuming. Mine is 24%. 24% is a big percentage for my phone as I have set sleep to just 30 seconds. That is to maintain my battery as long as possible.

But when I read a long email, a text or taking a longer look at a photo, the screen goes off and I have to turn it on again and again.

That’s why I love Screebl, a smart app that helps you maintain your battery and at the same time keeps the screen on when you use it.

Screebl uses the accelerometer to know when you’re holding the phone and looking at the screen. If the app understands that you are using the phone, it disables the timeout and lets the screen on.

If it understands that you have left the phone on a table, then it lets the screen go off faster.

You can download the free Lite version of the app or the full edition.

First download the free edition to test it.

All you have to do is download the app and install it. The default settings are working really good but you can test your own too.

Open the app, and enable it. Then press the three dots (right down) to get to the preferences.

No let’s see the options of Screebl(Screebl download link Lite and Full)

Enable at Power On: You can enable the app at Power On, so you don’t have to manually enable it each time

Generate Notifications: You can enable notifications to see when the app is running and keeping your screen from going off. A green notification means the app is working. When the notification turns black, the app will let the screen go off.

Disable when docked: If you enable this option the app will be disabled when the phone is on power. If the phone is on power you don’t need a power saving app, so enable that feature.

In Call behavior: Tap on that option to set it to Screebl disabled at Ear. With that option, when the app is next to your ear (you are making a phone call), the screen goes black as usual.

Sample Frequency: Keep that to Normal so as not to have the app checking the orientation all the time.

Brightness Level: Keep that to Full Brightness or Low Brightness if you want to keep your battery even more

Update Video Library: It’s an advertising feature so keep that off

Portrait & Landscape Orientation: You can select the angles the app will get working. By default these angles are very large, you can play with them and put some smaller ones.

Range Inversion: If you fall to bed and use your phone, you can use this feature to allow the orientation detection when you are not standing.

Axis Variance: Use a relaxed axis variance to let the app be more flexible

Enable Stillness Timeout: Check if you want the app to check if the phone is still for a lot of time. If it find that it is not moving, it will turn the screen off.

Stilness Timeout & Sensitivity: If you enable that feature, you can set the timeout and sensitivity

Debug: Turn the debug off if you don’t want it to send anonymous information.

More battery saving tips:

– You can use some of our tips to save your battery and also Screebl.

– Screebl features can also be found on Samsung Galaxy S4. Or almost.

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