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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 specs rating review: 87.4

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 specs rating review: 87.4
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 specs rating review: 87.4 Android VIP Club
A really strong device with the best screen of the market. The best choice right now.

That’s been a long time since Samsung launched a really powerful tablet. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 comes to the market to go straight on the first spot setting new records on the screen quality. Of course the game now is on the software side and this tablet offers great solutions. So don’t look only on the hardware, which is really great but on the apps that will make your life easier. And Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro sets new standards on the multitasking features and the home screen widgets. But let’s compare this tablet to all other tablets of the market.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 has a Crystal clear HD display at 8.4 inches. It’s not the biggest screen of the market as there are a lot of 10 inches devices but it’s one of the most balanced sizes, you can take it everywhere with you and the screen is big enough to fit a movie or multitasking apps. Viewing angles are great and the image quality overall is excellent. Of course Galaxy Tab Pro sets new standards on the pixels density with 359PPI. Only Google Nexus 7 has more than 300PPI but on a smaller screen (7 inches). All the other tablets have less than 300PPI (LG G Pad with 8.3 inches screen has 273PPI). So you have the best screen of the market and that’s what you need on a tablet.


Even if the tablets are not the best devices for taking photos on vacation, we want them to have the best camera possible. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 has an 8MP camera and a 2MP front camera for video chat. The camera menu has a lot of features, you can take shots with the two cameras simultaneously and select from a great variety of modes like beauty face (selfies), panorama, sports or auto. The video quality is great too and this camera can be compared to all 8MP tablet cameras like Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet and Sony Xperia Tablet Z (8.1MP) or Asus Transformer TF700 and Sony Xperia Tablet S (8MP cameras). In the gallery, Buddy photo share recognizes faces in a photo and you can link those faces to your contacts.


Quad core tablets are our best choice lately and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is one of them. The processor is based on a Snapdragon 800 platform so you get four Krait 400 cores at 2.3GHz and Adreno 330 graphics. The RAM is 2GB and here we needed 3GB of RAM as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has. There is only one tablet with 3GB of RAM and that is Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. There are a lot of apps and multitasking capabilities on Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and we needed more RAM to use all of them. So when using Multi Windows for a long time, you will notice that you will need extra RAM. Of course the power of Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is incredible but as this is a premium device, we needed even more power.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 has a 4800 mAh Li-Ion battery with a smart power saving mode to save more battery. Samsung says that it can give you 127 hours of music playback and 11 hours of multimedia usage. Of course there are much bigger batteries on tablets like the huge 9000mAh battery of Google Nexus 10 and Lenovo Yoga 10 but these are bigger devices. At 8 inches you can find the 6000mAh battery on Lenovo Yoga 8 which is the biggest battery of the category.


Samsung made a lot of changes on the software side and the results are amazing. The TouchWiz user interface is redesigned so you have a unique user Android interface found only on that device. There is also a new homescreen and a new notification area with new buttons. The best surprise is the Magazine UI, a mixture between various content aggregators (news, social media, latest emails, calendar etc). This is beautiful and useful. There is also Multi Window, a multitasking feature that lets you actively use two windows at once on the same screen. You can also minimize an app to just a floating icon, make it full screen or just close it. It’s really easy to use multitasking, just swipe from left the bar and select the apps you want to open. Samsung added some professional apps like Collaborate to share the screen with other devices without Wi-Fi. You can also find Hancom Office Suite, Dropbox and Flipoboard but there is no Radio and no NFC. We can live with that, for now. Of course Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro has the latest Android version 4.4 and only Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet has the latest Android version too.


We like the faux-leather-look plastic on the back of the screen. It’s plastic so no glass worries and it’s beautiful to touch. The device is thin 7.2mm and light 331g. You can find thinner devices at 10 inches like the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 (6.4mm) and Sony Xperia Tablet Z (6.9mm). You can also find lighter devices with smaller screens like the 234g Dell Venue 7 or the 290g Google Nexus 7. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is the lightest and slimmest device of the category so we like the portability of that device.



It’s the best device on the market right now. It has the best screen of the market, one of the best cameras, one of the fastest processors and a lot of software customizations that make it really unique. TouchWiz makes Android even better and if you want the best tablet at 8 inches, this is definitely your device. If you need a bigger device, there are other options like Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet but Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 will make you fall in love with the design, the screen and the software package.


SpecSamsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4Compared to:with spec:Score
AVC rating methodRated: 04/24/14Best priceTotal Rating87.4%
Screen359Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4359100%
Camera8.0Sony Xperia Tablet Z8.199%
2nd camera2.0Sony Xperia Tablet Z2.291%
Processor4 * 2.3Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet4 * 2.3100%
RAM2000Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet300067%
Battery4800Google Nexus 10900053%
Thickness7.2Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet6.488%
Weight331Google Nexus 729086%
Android4.4Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet4.4100%
Release Date2014-02-Today89%
Our view90%-100%90%

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