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Samsung Galaxy S4 review: 7 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 review: 7 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 review: 7 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 Android VIP Club
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Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best phones on the market with great specs and special apps and features.
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Reason 02 to buy Samsung Galaxy S4: Control the phone with your eyes

Samsung’s innovation is on the software side and smart scroll is on that side of innovation.

Smart scroll lets you control the phone with your eyes. So simple, so magical.

You can control the phone without touching it. The phone looks at your eyes and controls itself. You will impress all these people who will see that feature.

With smart scroll you can scroll a page on the net be looking down on the bottom of the site.

You can also pause a video if you stop looking on the screen.

smart-screenTo pause a video just look outside the screen and the video automatically stops playing.

I played a lot with these features, they are cool.

Smart scroll is not so easy to control, as sometimes it moves faster than you want. But I like it.

Smart pause is very smart as it stops the video and you don’t miss a shot when someone speaks to you when watching a movie. The bad is these features do not work on YouTube, they only work on videos stored inside the phone.

Smart pause also doesn’t work in low light conditions but when there is enough light in the room, it’s really great to use it.

Smart scroll is useful when your hands are dirty and you don’t want to touch the screen of your smartphone. Or when your second hand is busy and you can not use it to scroll or pause the video (imagine being on the metro and reading a site, you hold yourself with one hand, with the other you keep the phone and smart scroll – automatically scroll the text – magic).

I like these features and I think they will be implemented in most phone the next few years.

Reason 01 of 07: Strong specs of Samsung Galaxy S4
Reason 02 of 07: Control the phone with your eyes
Reason 03 of 07: Control the phone without touching it
Reason 04 of 07: Control the phone with your voice
Reason 05 of 07: The phone that is aware of your health
Reason 06 of 07: Dualshot camera feature
Reason 07 of 07: Plenty of other features on that phone
Comparing Samsung Galaxy S4 specs with other smartphones

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