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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini specs rating: 74.4

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini specs rating: 74.4
SpecSamsung Galaxy S4 miniCompared to:with spec:ScoreBuy now:
AVC rating methodTotal Rating74.4%Search for the best price for this phone
Width8.9iPhone 57.683%
Weight107HTC Desire C10093%
Screen PPI256HTC One46955%
Camera MP8Nokia Pureview4120%
2nd Camera1.9Sony Xperia Z2.286%
Processor2 * 1.7Samsung S48 * 1.627%
RAM MB2000HTC One2000100%
Battery mAh1900Samsung Note 2310061%
Android4.2Google Nexus 44.2100%
Release Date2013-06Today2013-06100%
Our view85%-100%85%

The specs rating of Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. The score is.74.4%.

Check the ranking of this phone compared to other Android phones.

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