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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compared to the best Android smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compared to the best Android smartphones

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the best Android smartphone today? That depends. It you see that device overall, it’s one of the best. If you compare it spec by spec, it will lose by some points in every comparison. But let’s be fair, we love this device, it’s the fourth generation and it remains a great choice. Let’s compare the device with in all main specs.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

• 5.7 inches

•  Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors |

• 1440 x 2560 pixels (515PPI)

• Diamond-shaped PenTile matrix

• Native contrast and low reflectivity

Screens Comparison:

1. LG G3 – 534PPI

2. Samsung Galaxy Note4 – 515PPI

3. HTC One – 469PPI

4. Google Nexus 5 – 445PPI

5. Huawei Ascend D2 – 443PPI


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

• 16 MP main camera

• 3.7 MP secondary camera

• 16:9 wide screen images

• Optical image stabilization

• 4K video

Cameras Comparison:

1. Sony Xperia Z3 – 20.7MP

2. Sony Xperia Z2 – 20.7MP

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 16.0MP

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 – 16.0MP

5. LG G3 – 13.0MP


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

• Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450 (SM-N910S)

• 3GB of RAM

• 1440p display resolution is tasking on the GPU

• Snapdragon 805 handles everything easily

Fastest Smartphones:

• Samsung Galaxy Note 4

• Samsung Galaxy S5

• LG G3

• Sony Xperia Z3

• HTC One M8


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

• 3220 mAh battery

• Good but not impressive

Top Batteries:

1. Huawei Ascend Mate – 4050mAh

2. LG G Flex – 3500mAh

3. HTC One Max – 3300mAh

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 3220mAh

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 3200mAh


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

• Android 4.4.4 KitKat

• TouchWiz

• Multiple S apps

• Fingerprint-secure

• Multitasking widgets

Latest Software:

• Samsung Galaxy Note 4

• Sony Xperia Z3

• LG G3

• Samsung Galaxy S5

• HTC One M8


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

• 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm

• 176g

• curved glass on top

• plastic back

• metal frame

• faux leather finish akin

Lighter smartphones:

• Sony Xperia Z3 – 152g

• LG G Pro 2 – 172g

• Samsung Galaxy Round – 154g

• Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 176g

• LG G3 – 149g

Slimmer smartphone:

1. Huawei Ascend P6 – 6.2mm

2. Sony Xperia Z Ultra – 6.5mm

3. Huawei Ascend P7 – 6.5mm

4. Sony Xperia Z3 – 7.3mm

5. Huawei Ascend P7 – 7.7mm


The latest Samsung Galaxy Note, the version 3 topped the list of the best Android smartphones for weeks. This time is different. The new device is better, faster, with an impressive processor but it’s not far from the competition. So if you want a great smartphone right now you can buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but if you want the best of the best, you need to wait until the next version.

Check Samsung Galaxy Note 4 against the top 100 Android smartphones:

CompanyModelRatingSceenWgPPICAMCAM 2CPURAMmAhDateRating Our View
SamsungGalaxy S680.85.16.813857716514.4300025504/1/201590
HuaweiHonor 672.557.513044513512300031008/1/201480
HTCOne M971.259.615744120414300028403/1/201575
HuaweiAscend P769.956.51244411387.2200025006/1/201480
SonyXperia Z368.25.27.315242420.72.210300031009/1/201480
SamsungGalaxy Note Edge67.95.68.3174524163.710.83000300011/1/201480
SamsungGalaxy Note 467.45.78.5176515163.710.83000322010/1/201480
SonyXperia Z264.05.28.216342420.72.29.2300032003/19/201485
SamsungGalaxy Alpha62.94.76.7115312122.112.4200018609/1/201465
GoogleNexus 661.65.9610.118449313210.83000322011/1/201465
SamsungGalaxy Note 360.95.78.316838613215.2300032009/1/201385
SamsungGalaxy S560.55.18.114543216210200028004/1/201475
HTCOne E860.159.914544113510200026006/1/201465
HTCOne M858.959.4160441859.2200026003/26/201485
SonyXperia Z1s57.858.616244120.728.8200030001/8/201485
SamsungGalaxy S5 Sport57.55.18.915843216210200028006/1/201460
SamsungGalaxy S457.457.913044113212.8200026004/1/201390
SamsungGalaxy Round57.35.77.91543861329.2300028009/1/201375
GoogleNexus 556.258.613044581.39.22000230011/1/201385
SonyXperia Z1 Compact55.74.39.513734220.728.8200023001/8/201485
HuaweiAscend P654.44.76.2120312854.8200020006/1/201375
SonyXperia Z154.258.516944120.728.8200030009/1/201380
HTCDesire 81653.25.57.91652671356.4150026003/1/201460
SamsungGalaxy S5 mini52.04.59.112032682.15.6150021007/1/201460
SamsungGalaxy Note 3 Neo50.85.58.6162267828.6200031002/1/201465
HTCOne mini 250.34.510.61373261354.8100021106/1/201460
LGG Flex49.168.7177245132.19.042000350011/1/201365
SonyXperia Z48.757.9146441132.26200023302/1/201380
ZTEGrand Memo48.35.78.51202571316.8200032003/1/201375
SonyXperia Z Ultra47.86.46.5212344828.8200030507/1/201375
LGG Vista47.65.79.116725881.34.8150032008/1/201455
SharpAQUOS Crystal47.451014129481.24.8150020408/1/201465
SamsungGalaxy S4 mini46.74.38.910725681.93.4200019005/1/201385
SonyXperia ZL46.659.81514411326200023703/1/201390
SonyXperia T2 Ultra45.867.7171245131.15.6100030001/14/201465
LGG2 Mini45.74.79.812123481.34.8100024404/1/201455
LGOptimus G Pro45.55.59.4172401132.16.8200031404/1/201370
LGOptimus L9045.24.79.712623481.34.8100025403/1/201455
HuaweiAscend D245.259.4170443131.36200030003/1/201380
SamsungGalaxy Grand
MotorolaMoto X44.24.710.41303121023.4200022008/1/201370
LGNexus 443.54.79.113931881.362000210011/1/201285
SamsungGalaxy Avant43.44.59.913624550.34.8150021007/1/201445
HTCOne Max42.35.910.321737342.16.82000330010/14/201365
LGOptimus G42.24.78.4147318131.362000210011/1/201280
AlcatelOneTouch Fierce 241.059.914922050.34.8100020009/1/201445
HTCOne Mini40.14.39.312234141.62.8100018008/1/201360
HTCDesire 50039.64.39.912321781.64.8100018009/1/201360
HuaweiAscend Mate39.56.19.9198241816200040505/1/201370
SamsungGalaxy Light39.1410.212123350.35.61000180010/1/201345
SamsungGalaxy Note
HTCDesire 70038.4510.314922082.14.81000210011/20/201355
MotorolaMoto G38.24.511.614332651.34.81000207011/14/201355
LGOptimus F338.1410.111323350.32.4100024606/1/201345
HuaweiHonor 237.94.510.514532681.35.62000223011/1/201275
SamsungGalaxy S2 Plus37.74.38.5121217822.4100016502/1/201370
AcerLiquid E237.44.59.9140245824.8100020005/1/201355
LGOptimus F537.44.39.313125651.32.4100021505/1/201375
SamsungGalaxy S337.04.88.613330681.95.6100021005/1/201280
SamsungGalaxy K zoom36.94.816.620030620.725.2200024304/30/201455
LGG Pro Lite36.55.59.416120081.321000314010/15/201355
SonyXperia SP35.94.61015531980.33.4100023704/1/201380
HTCDesire 60035.84.59.313024581.62.4100018606/1/201350
SonyXperia M35.649.311524550.32100017508/24/201350
HTCOne X35.44.78.913031281.36100018005/1/201275
LGOptimus 4X HD35.44.78.913331281.36100021506/1/201265
SamsungGalaxy S Duos 235.0410.611823350.32.4768150012/1/201355
SamsungGalaxy Grand Neo34.959.616318650.34.8100021002/1/201445
SonyXperia L34.74.39.713722880.32100017505/1/201380
HuaweiAscend P134.74.37.711025681.33100016705/1/201260
LGOptimus Vu34.658.516825681.361000210011/1/201275
SamsungGalaxy S234.54.38.5116217822.4100016502/1/201355
HTCOne S34.24.37.811925680.33.4100016504/1/201280
SamsungGalaxy Core34.24.3912421750.32.4100018005/1/201355
SonyXperia T33.64.59.4139323131.33100018509/1/201260
ZTEBlade V33.6410.913023350.34.8100018009/1/201350
HTCOne Sv33.34.39.212221751.62.4100018001/1/201360
SamsungGalaxy Win32.94.79.714419950.34.8100020005/1/201355
LGL5 ii32.449.210323350151217003/1/201355
SonyXperia E132.4412122233302.451217501/15/201445
LGOptimus L932.24.79.112523450.321000170011/1/201275
SamsungGalaxy Grand32.159.6162162822.4100021001/1/201370
SamsungGalaxy S3 mini32.049.911123350.321000150011/1/201265
ZTEBlade G31.74.59.214021750.32.451220006/1/201355
LGOptimus F3Q30.741415923350.32.4100024602/1/201440
HTCDesire X30.449.3114233502768165010/1/201265
AlcatelOneTouch Evolve29.9411.813623350.31512140010/1/201340
HuaweiAscend G51029.34.59.915021850.32.451217004/1/201365
SamsungGalaxy Star Pro29.3410.6121233201512150010/1/201345

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