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Record your screen on Android devices

Record your screen on Android devices

You can use the preinstalled screen recording feature to capture videos of what’s happening on your device’s screen.

This feature is useful, for example, when you want to create tutorials or record videos of you playing a game on your device.

Recorded video clips are automatically saved in your Album and you can share them like any other video.

This feature is preinstalled in Sony Xperia Z3 and some other selected Android devices.

Record your screen

1. Press and hold down the power key until a pop window appears.

2. Tap on the camera button (it’s called Record Screen)

3. The record screen window is open

4. Tap the red dot to start recording. The times appears on your screen but not on your recorded video.

5. Stop the recording screen by pressing the timer and then press the red stop.

Record your screen when the front camera is activated

1. When the record screen window is open, tap the face button to make front camera screen recording window appears.

2. To start recording your screen and video captured by the front camera, tap the recording button (red circle).

3. To stop recording, tap the timer, then tap the red stop.

4. To deactivate the front camera screen recording window, tap the face button again.

After your screen recordings finish, drag the status bar downwards, then tap to view the most recent recordings of your screen. These videos are also on your Album app.


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