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Push Gmail or other emails easily with K-9 Mail

Push Gmail or other emails easily with K-9 Mail

I love Gmail but with the official Gmail app there is a little problem.

When I open my Wi-Fi or 3G it takes too long to synchronize my emails, especially if it’s been long since I last sync them on my phone.

As I travel a lot, I need a quick way to get my emails, the new ones without having to sync all the inbox.

What I really need is my Gmail to push emails on my phone just as they arrive.

Two years ago it was easy to do that with the default email client on Android phones. I tried that but it didn’t work so I found the following solution to let Gmail push the emails to my smartphone.


1. Find and download K-9 Mail app for free from Google Play (link).

2. Install the app on your phone and open it.

3. Write your Gmail account (or other email you want to push) and your password

4. Click Next

5. Give the account a name (example: Gmail) and edit your signature.

It’s done!

Now every new email will come directly to your phone.

Let’s take a look at the settings on the following video:

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