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No Wi-Fi on holiday, what can I do to get online from my tablet?

No Wi-Fi on holiday, what can I do to get online from my tablet?

rexing45 asked, Android VIP Club replies

Q: Hiya there! I have brought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. There is not a slot to put a dongl and I want to connect to the internet without using Wi Fi as there is not on holiday. So is there something I can buy?

Well that depends on where you go and what the data plan you already pay is.

If there is no Wi-Fi, the only alternative to get online is the data plan.

You can get access to the data plan with two ways.

1. Tethering

If you have a smartphone that gives you tethering options, you can get online with that. First you enable the data plan on your smartphone, then you open tethering options and your phone creates a Wi-Fi so you can connect with your tablet. Don’t forget to put a password on the Wi-Fi you created so as not to let all hotel guests sign in. I followed that tip last summer on my holidays where I had no WiFi either. I did that with my android smartphone (an htc desire x at that time) where I connected my iPad (wifi only).

2. Mifi device

Mifi is a tiny device. Mifi word is used as a name for wireless routers that act as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. In many countries MiFi is a Novatel Wireless brand and you can buy it online (search for cheap Mifis here). Make sure it is unlocked and put your SIM card inside wherever you travel. A mifi device is about the size of a bar of soap that you can just pop in your pocket and connect to it on the go. Mifis are great and much cheaper than buying a new smartphones that supports tethering.

Notice: If you travel abroad, be aware of roaming charges, they cost a lot. It’s better to buy a local sim card with prepaid data plan and use it during your holidays than pay the roaming charges.

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