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Make fonts bigger

Make fonts bigger

Donald asks how to make the fonts bigger

If your eyes are hurt from extra small fonts on your Android device, you can easily make them bigger. Or extra bigger. You can make the fonts bigger from 50% to 180%

Difficulty: Easy
Android: 2.3 until Android 4.0
App usedBig Font


1. Download and install the app. Agree to the user licence agreement.

2. Now you are in the normal style, you can swipe right and make fonts bigger 130%.

3. If you want bigger fonts than 130% you press the F+ button to add more sizes.


4. Choose font scale from 140% to 180% and press Add this font size.


5. Go back and press Apply.

6. Now you can see bigger fonts in the menu, the first screen or the settings. the keyboard and the notifications bar is not affected.

Starting from Android 4.2, Android disables 3rd party apps to change system UI configuration (color, font), so this app won’t be used on Android 4.2 or greater devices.

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