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LG G Pad specs rating review: 80.8

LG G Pad specs rating review: 80.8
LG G Pad specs rating review: 80.8 Android VIP Club
Our View
A really balanced device, a great portable and strong choice.
User Rating: 4.8 (1 votes)

LG G Pad is a light portable tablet from LG. It has very strong specs and smart apps and features to make your experience even better. We love LG G2, the great Android smartphone, and LG G Pad has a lot of the features of the phone (so you can use the same tips as LG G2). But in the tablet field, the competition is strong, so let’s take a look and compare LG G Pad with other Android tablets.


LG G Pad is the only tablet with 8.3 inches screen. We can find bigger tablets at 10.1 inches and smaller ones at 7.0 or 8.0”. LG G Pad has 8.3 and is a unique size. It’s not big, it’s not small, it’s great to have it on your bag every day. The screen is Full HD IPS and it has 273 pixels per inch. It’s a great screen and only Google Nexus 7 has more pixels per inch (323). Of course the screen of Nexus 7 is smaller (7 inches) so in LG G Pad you can find one of the best screens on tablets right now.


LG G Pad has two cameras like almost all Android tablets. The back camera is 5MP and the front one is 1.3MP. The camera is good and you have a lot of settings to play with. It supports HDR, there are a lot of profiles to take photo with (Panorama, Continuous Shot, Beauty Shot, Sports, Night) and choices and you can take a shot just by saying “cheese” or “LG”. On the market there are other tablets with stronger cameras like Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Asus Transformer TF700 and Sony Xperia Tablet S with 8MP cameras. You can also find better front cameras like the amazing 2.2MP camera of Sony Xperia Tablet Z and the 2.0MP camera of Asus Transformer TF700 and Dell Venue 8.


The processor is really fast on LG G Pad. You can feel it when you watch a video, browse or just checking the menu. The quad core 1.7GHz processor gives you a lot of power along with the 2GB of RAM. It’s good to have a lot of power on that device because you can multitask. Multitasking is easy with QSLIDE apps. You can run more two or more apps on your screen at the same time as other apps. For example you can open the calendar and your browser or take notes while you browse. It’s really useful. LG G Pad has one of the best processors on the market right now. Other fast tablets are Google Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Tablet Z and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.


We love big batteries on tablets as you want your device enabled as longer as possible. LG G Pad has a 4600mAh battery that is the biggest battery found on that size along with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Of course there are bigger batteries on bigger devices like the 9000mAh battery on Google Nexus 10 or the 7000mAh battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 10. On LG G Pad there is a battery saver app that will help you preserve your battery more.


LG G Pad has Android 4.2 with a lot of add ons and apps. Of course Google tablets get the latest Android versions first and so Nexus 7 has Android 4.3. But we like all the features LG G Pad has like Knock On. If you need to turn on your device, you just tap twice on the screen, this is called Knock On and is really useful. You can also take Quick Notes and there is also Smart Screen and Smart Video. Check all the tips about LG G2, they are the same in LG G Pad.


We got a white version of LG G Pad. It’s a plastic device with a metal body on the back. I don’t really like the metal body on the back, I would prefer a plastic back. You cannot remove the battery so there is no point to put a different material on the back compared to the front. The device is light, 338g and is only heavier than Dell Venue 6 (234g), Google Nexus 7 (290g and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (306g) that are all 7 inches devices. LG G Pad is also thin (8.3mm) and only Sony Xperia Tablet Z (6.9mm) and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (8.0mm) are thinner.


VERDICT – should I buy this device?

This is a great device. LG did a great job with this tablet. It’s really fast, it has a great screen and a lot of apps and add-ons to make your experience better. I loved LG G2 and I love LG G Pad too.

The size is great to take it with you wherever you go and the specs are also good except from the camera.

If you want a better camera choose one of the 8MP camera tablets, if you want a smaller than LG G Pad tablet, choose Nexus 7, if you want a bigger take Sony Xperia Tablet Z but if you want to have a balanced device, LG G Pad is what you really need.


SpecLG G PadCompared to:with spec:Score
AVC rating methodRated: 12/16/13Find the best priceTotal Rating80.8%
Screen273Google Nexus 732385%
Camera5.0Sony Xperia Tablet Z8.162%
2nd camera1.3Sony Xperia Tablet Z2.259%
Processor4 * 1.7LG G Pad4 * 1.7100%
RAM2000Samsung Galaxy Note 82000100%
Battery4600Google Nexus 10900051%
Thickness8.3Sony Xperia Tablet Z6.980%
Weight338Google Nexus 729083%
Android4.2Google Nexus 74.486%
Release Date2013-10-Today94%
Our view90%-100%90%

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