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LG Optimus G or Nexus 4: Which one to buy?

LG Optimus G or Nexus 4: Which one to buy?

We have a VS battle with two phones from the same company. LG Nexus 4 and LG Optimus G are almost the same. Almost. They have main differences that will make you choose the first or the second. We are here to help you choose which one to buy.

Both phones were released on November 2012 and they have a 4.7 inches screen, the same RAM and the same processor. So how are we going to choose one of them? .

Shape: Nexus 4
Design: Nexus 4


Both phones have a 4.7 inch screen and a back made of glass but the dimensions are slightly different.

LG Optimus G is thinner (8.5mm to 9.1mm) and smaller but Nexus 4 is lighter (139g to 145g).

LG Optimus G has a square design but Nexus 4 has round corners. I love Nexus 4 design more and I like the fact that it is lighter.


The screen is the same. Both have a 4.7 inch screen with 318 pixels per inch and a True HD-IPS technology. So no winner here.

Primary camera: LG Optimus G


LG Optimus G has a bigger camera. The camera of 13MP is not so strong compared to other phones like Sony Xperia Z but it’s better than Nexus 4 (8MP).

They both have LED flash, autofocus, face detection but LG Optimus G has more apps and widgets and a beautiful photo editor that will correct your photos.

The front camera of the two phones is the same.

We are going to give the point to LG Optimus G as the camera is bigger and it has more camera options and apps.


Both phones have a quad core processor at 1.5GHz and 2GB of RAM. So they have the same processor. It would be logical if Nexus 4 was a bit speedier as it has stock Android and not so many apps preinstalled but it’s difficult to prove that as the difference is so small that it should not be considered. So No Winner here.

Winner: LG Optimus G


Both phones have a 2.100mAh battery that is non removable. LG Optimus G has more stand by time. Probably this comes from special software created by the LG team that improves the battery. LG Optimus G has also an option to control the power of the processors and make the battery last longer. That’s why the point goes to LG Optimus G.

Other specs and details

Memory: The two phones do not support microSD card so you only have the memory on the phone. LG Optimus G has 32GB of memory and Nexus 4 8 or 16GB. Winner: LG Optimus G

Android version: LG Otpimus G started with Android 4.0. Then it was updated to Android 4.1 and we don’t know if it will be updated to Android 4.2 and then Android 4.X. On the other side Nexus 4 is a Google phone so it was released with Android 4.2 and it will definitely be updated to the next versions of Android. Winner: Nexus 4

Options & Apps: LG Optimus G has a lot of apps that make your life easier. The notification bar shortcuts are making your life easier and the preinstalled apps give you some solutions. Most of them you can download them from Google Play but it’s good to have them on your phone. LG Optimus G has also a preinstalled Task Manager widget that is very useful. To go to multitasking you need just one tap on Nexus 4 but 2 on LG Optimus G but Optimus G has more options and apps generally. It has also Q Slide apps that let you open two apps on your screen at the same time. Winner: LG Optimus G

Final verdict

There are only 3 reasons to buy Nexus 4 and forget LG Optimus G, if you are a Google fan, if you always need the latest versions of Android (even if the differences between Android versions are not important – as in Android 4.1/Android 4.2) and if you don’t like the square design. LG Optimus G has a better camera, more preinstalled apps, a lot of shortcuts to make your life easier and of course Q Slide apps.

Total Wins

LG Optimus G (read the full review)
smaller design
better camera
more camera options
more battery options
bigger internal memory
more preinstalled apps
a lot of shortcuts
Q Slide apps for multitasking
Nexus 4 (read the full review)
beautiful design
newer Android version

Specs rating of LG Optimus G

SpecLG Optimus GCompared to:with spec:ScoreBuy now:
AVP rating methodTotal Rating68.0%Get a better price for this phone
Width8.4iPhone 57.689%

Weight147iPhone 511269%
Screen PPI318HTC One46968%
Camera MP8Nokia Pureview4120%
2nd Camera1.3Sony Xperia Z2.259%
Processor4 * 1.5Samsung S48 * 1.647%
RAM MB2000HTC One2000100%
Battery mAh2100Samsung Note 2310068%
Android4.0Google Nexus 44.267%
Release Date2012-11Today2013-0383%
Our view80%-100%80%

Specs rating of Nexus 4

SpecGoogle Nexus 4Compared to:with spec:ScoreBuy now:
how we rateTotal Rating71.5%Get a better price for this phone
Width9.1iPhone 57.680%

Weight139iPhone 511276%
Screen PPI318HTC One46968%
Camera MP8Nokia Pureview4120%
2nd Camera1.3Sony Xperia Z2.259%
Processor4 * 1.5Samsung S48 * 1.647%
RAM MB2000HTC One2000100%
Battery mAh2100Samsung Note 2310068%
Android4.2Google Nexus 44.2100%
Release Date2012-11Today2013-0383%
Our view85%-100%85%

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