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Keep the Wi-Fi alive while the smartphone is sleeping

Keep the Wi-Fi alive while the smartphone is sleeping

If you need your Wi-Fi open to upload a file on Dropbox or listen to music from YouTube, you can use this simple tip to let it open while the phone sleeps.

Normally when the phone sleeps, the Wi-Fi is disconnected to save the battery.

But you can change that very easily.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Android device used: Google Nexus 4
Android version: Android 4.2


1. Go to Settings on your phone

2. Select Wi-Fi

3. Press the 3 dots (down right) and then select Advanced

4. Select Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.

There are 3 options

Always: Your Wi-Fi will stay always open. This is good for your internet connection (when you listen to music or uploading or downloading something, but bad for your battery)

Only when plugged in: This saves battery as the Wi-Fi is always on when plugged in but off when the phone is on its battery

Never: This will save your battery but the Wi-Fi is turned off when the phone is going to sleep.

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