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Is my Android phone hacked?

Is my Android phone hacked?

fisheye asked, Android VIP Club replies

Q:Last night I went to bed with my phone on full battery, this morning I woke up and the alarm went off a half hour later. When I stopped the alarm I noticed that it had somehow been drained of more than half a battery charge. Moreover my calling filter app is not working any more. Is this phone hacked?

No it’s not. An app is making this phone crazy but we are never sure which one. The best thing you can do is factory reset the phone.

When done, update to the latest version of your Android and start installing only specific apps. Surely not a task killer as it causes restarts and drains your battery.

You may also install another filtering app that works better. If you want more help on that, just ask us!

Don’t be afraid of hackers on your Android phone, it’s not Windows.

The only think you should be worried of is the links you click at and files you open from unknown senders. This is a general rule for all electronice devices.

If you are careful enough with the use of your phone, then you have nothing to worry about.

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